• Energy crisis can hit nation in 2015


    LEGAZPI CITY: While the controversial Malampaya natural gas project in Palawan is put on hold, a looming energy crisis may hit the Philippines in 2015, Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla warned.

    “In 2015, we’re facing energy crisis particularly in Luzon due to dearth reserve. We have two more years to get ready to come up with solutions to address the upcoming energy crisis,” Petilla told The Manila Times during the media writeshop held at Astoria Plaza Hotel in Ortigas District.

    The crisis according to DOE chief will affect Luzon during summer. The higher the temperature, the higher rate might be passed on to power consumers.

    “Energy is a long-term problem that requires a long-term solution. The problem is you have a short-term secretary. If we want sustainable energy we need to tap all possible sources of renewable energy like the Malampaya project and installation of solar panels but this is quite expensive which will cost of P100 million,” Petilla said.

    Petilla said the country has the most expensive power rate compared to other countries in the Asean.

    “The country’s energy rate is high compared to other countries but our advantage is that we have sustainable resources. We need to develop more sources to prevent crisis due to high demand for power in the coming years,” the DOE chief said.

    “The most expensive electricity is no electricity. Energy is so complex. We cannot have a stable market if we have ailing electric cooperatives,” Petilla said.

    Luis Miguel Aboitiz, senior vice president-Trading and Marketing of Aboitiz Power told The Manila Times that 20 years from now the country’s demand for electricity will increase from 3.8 a year historical demand to 4.5 percent following increasing BPOs, and growth of other industries.


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