Engineer-soldiers needed for rebuilding


Dear Editor,
More than architects, engineers, electricians and construction firms to make Tacloban City and other typhoon-ravaged provinces recover, the help of soldiers is needed. Many soldiers are certified engineers, and soldiers are good builders. They have been doing this ever since as seen from the numerous infrastructures, which stand in many near and remote barangay around the country.

When they are deployed in a community, they not only instill awareness of threats by rebel groups.  They interact with the people and feel their needs.  In this way, they understand the people’s common problems and needs, and one of this is a habitable, peaceful and developed community.

We have seen this before in Bohol and other insurgency-free provinces.  Soldiers will continue to help in Bangon Bohol, Bangon Tacloban …..  I know this for a fact since not only is our province a recipient of their hard labor and commitment, but my brother from the 51st Engineer Brigade, Philippine Army, is an engineer-soldier. And is committed to help build and rebuild communities for the people, more so of victims of calamities and tragedies.

Deo B. Aliño
Dagupan City


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  1. there is a or are engineer units in the AFP, its called the engineer brigade and the navy called the seabees. the problem is as usual, they are all ill equipped. they lack modern equipment to do their job better, most of their equipment as I saw once in media in balikatan, were old chain saws instead of power saws or power tools, etc, not much bulldozers and other trucks and earth moving equipments. as usual the money for these acquisitions were stolen by their officers. I know because I served in the Phil Army before.

  2. wilmer andrada on

    This is what i have been pushing from my several comments. We need to form an Army or Military Corp of Engineers. They will be cheaper and more honest than corrupt contractors especially when handpicked by politicians.I even suggested to ask the USA for advisors and equipments from the US Army Corp of Engineers.
    As far as rehab and resettlement for the homeless, unemployed and hopeless victims of this calamity.A good model that is best for these situation that has been in used and tested is the Israel’s Kibbutzim’s method of resettlement. This is based on on government sponsored collective living which would eventually evolve into Independent self sustaining communities.I urge those involved in housing and rehab to ask Israel for assistance or at least go to Israel and check some of these settlements.
    I would also suggest that if we use the private sector we should have an open public bidding , strict transparency, accountability, audit and guaranteed work and insurance.
    We should have technocrats handle all these projects and no politicians allowed.