• Engineers urge support for Filipino inventors


    A GROUP of Filipino engineers has urged President Rodrigo Duterte to support Filipino inventors who are seeking a dialogue with him to present their latest technological innovations that are proudly Filipino-made.

    Aquilino Tubigan Jr., an engineer, said it is time to support inventions made by Filipinos, emphasizing local inventions can be used in present industries that would result to the Philippines being less reliant on imported technology.

    Tubigan, the inventor of the “i-charj,” – a charging station for gadgets found in malls, convenience stores, transport terminals, ships and areas with high people traffic – added the government should also provide more support to Filipino inventors in order to incentivize and reward their creativity and innovative minds.

    Speaking at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) held recently at the H2O Hotel in Manila Ocean Park, Tubigan said the success stories of Filipino inventions that got financial assistance from the agency is an inspiration as well. TAPI is a bureau under the Department of Science and Technology.

    “Filipino inventors need all the help that they can get especially in the aspect of promotion and commercialization of their inventions. Most creative and innovative minds are not as gifted when it comes to the promotion, marketing, and eventual sales of their creation. Apart from nurturing the creativities of Filipino inventors,” Tubigan said.

    He added that government should likewise come in to either impart to them the entrepreneurial spirit or at least link them to the appropriate entities that can help turn their respective inventions for mass production and commercialization.

    He added that many Filipino inventors can present their innovations for reduced electrical consumption for homes and industries, as well as the latest gadgets and trends comparable to those found in the United States and Japan.

    TAPI Director Edgar Garcia welcomed the suggestion of Tubigan and assured Filipino inventors that the institute would continue to find ways to extend to them government support, so the country could also benefit from local inventions.



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