• How to enjoy the rainy season in Boracay


    Boracay becomes more attractive to vacationers during the rainy season because of the cool breeze, lesser number of tourists, and lower rates in hotels and resorts

    Just the idea of spending rainy weather in Boracay is loathsome to most vacationers as one of the promises of the paradise island besides the sand and sea is the sun.

    Nevertheless, there are many travellers who actually love to go the island during the rainy season because of the cool breeze, lesser number of tourists, and lower rates in hotels and resorts.

    Certainly, there is always something fun to do in Boracay, even when the weather seems unforgiving.

    Well-known lifestyle publicist Edd Fuentes who owns three charming resorts on the island under the Sun Resorts Boracay umbrella guarantees, “There is always something fun to do in Boracay even when the weather seems unforgiving.”

    In his properties, Sun Villa Beachfront, Sun Villa Hilltop and Sun Garden Hilltop, he cites a food trip at Sun Asian Kitchen with its varied cuisines from the region, the SunSpa for rejuvenation, and just good old R&R (rest and relaxation) in the resort accommodations.

    Fuentes further suggests the following simple yet enjoyable ideas in making the most of Boracay amid the drizzles.

    The Sun Asian Kitchen at Station 1

    Take a stroll along the beach. Many tourists love visiting the island during this season because it is a lot more peaceful with a perfect view of the sprawling horizon and Boracay’s glorious sunset without getting blocked by hundreds of tourists that crowd the beach during summer.

    Taste delicious fare. Many restaurants in Boracay offer a wide array of food choices that caters to everyone’s distinct taste.

    Go bar hopping. A Boracay vacation is not complete without experiencing its vibrant nightlife. Enjoy upbeat music and dancing lights, and mingle with lively party-goers from one bar to another.

    Experience fun water activities. The rainy season elicits a different kind of thrill especially for windsurfers and kite surfers with the big waves caused by habagat and kites soaring higher.

    Relaxing massages and spa treatments to beat the cold rainy weather are available in spas and right at the beachfront

    Pamper with a relaxing spa. Beat the cold rainy weather with a rejuvenating massage as many hotels and resorts in Boracay offer spa services. One of the best relaxing massages and spa treatments one can experience is right at the beachfront.

    Rest in the comforts of hotel or resort accommodation. Enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable vacation in endless choices of that cater to different accommodation needs and budgets.



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