Enjoying home entertainment-without the techno clutter

Enjoying home entertainment-without the techno clutter

Enjoying home entertainment-without the techno clutter

THE marriage of technology and entertainment has been a match made in heaven. The many things you can see, do and interact with through your home entertainment devices and flat-panel TV couldn’t even have been imagined a few years ago. Cable and satellite programming, gaming consoles, Blu-ray DVD players and other Internet-enabled devices are just some of the ways we all enjoy our magnificent, wide-screen TVs. It’s a beautiful thing.

But in many homes, there’s something that’s not quite so beautiful: the unsightly and often unsafe tangle of wires, cables and cords that can accumulate below and around your TV.

Breaking open and running cables inside your walls can be a huge, cost-prohibitive mess.

Plus, if you live in an apartment—you’re pretty much out of luck.

Fortunately, someone has come up with a simple and inexpensive technology that connects virtually any HDMI-enabled device directly to your TV with no visible cables.

Proforma created their CableConceal Home Connectivity system specifically to solve this annoying problem. What they’ve done is to actually build specially designed ultra-thin cables and a power supply directly into a super skinny wall plate (about as thick as five credit cards) that, when connected to your TV, becomes virtually invisible on your wall.
The only question is: “Why didn’t someone come up with this sooner?”

Simple setup gets you started in minutes
Using this clever electronic device is about as easy as plugging in your TV or DVD player, and it installs in just minutes—all without the cost or hassle of a professional installation.

And no programming is required, either. This remarkable innovation finally gives flat-screen TV owners a safe, simple and inexpensive way to enjoy all their home entertainment—without costly electrical work or bulky, clunky cord covers.

For further information, go online to www.cableconceal.com. North American Precis Syndicate


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