• Enough already


    Is it just us, or is the entire nation groaning at the seemingly endless sniping between Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Miriam Defensor Santiago?

    Although it was expected, in fact it was scheduled, the privilege speech of the feisty senator from Iloilo delivered yesterday took the Senate to new lows. The accusations and counter-accusations between the two had gone from bad to worse.

    What next? Can it reach the point of absolute worst?

    At this stage, it would be unfair for us to take sides. Both senior lawmakers have done the Senate proud in the past. This is to be accepted. While they are engaged in what seems to be a pissing contest, the simple fact is that the two of them are considered the best legal minds in the upper house of our bicameral Congress.

    As a newspaper, we know full well that there are always two sides to every story. In the case of Enrile vs. Santiago, the points raised by both lawmakers against each other have some basis in fact. But it is also clear that their interpretation of what is the truth is affected by the personal hatred they have for each other.

    We can almost feel sorry for Senate President Franklin Drilon, who has to bear the massive egos of the two.

    In all likelihood, Drilon had probably asked both to go easy on the other. But the two did not heed the advice of the head of the Senate.

    Senator Serge Osmeña is correct when he says that the Senate is wasting its time on the warring lawmakers.

    The exchanges between the gentleman from Cagayan and the lady from Iloilo provide the public entertainment, perhaps. But there comes a point when the insults have a cloying effect. The only thing we can say is this: enough already, sir and ma’am.

    Obviously yesterday’s fresh tirades from Senator Santiago will land in the front pages of the newspapers and grab substantial airtime on radio and TV. She does, after all, have a gift of using the smart turn of the phrase and humorous one-liners.

    Calling Senator Enrile—a former Senate president, no less—a “mastermind of plunder” and a “hyper-sexualized serial womanizer” shows that Senator Santiago’s speech was well-written, with the clear intention of drawing oohs and ahhhs from the gallery.

    For his part, the 89-year-old Enrile—Santiago’s constant harping on his age does not sit well with senior citizens, by the way—seems to have written ‘finis’ to the latest snipefest.

    He said that he would no longer retaliate. At the very least, this shows that he can still muster the will to act like a true gentleman.

    But of course he would not let the day pass without one final salvo, by saying that there was definitely “something wrong” with her mental state.

    It is hoped that we have seen and heard the last of the colorful exchanges. And we are happy to note that at least the two lawmakers did not follow the example of lawmakers from other Asian countries, who have been reduced to trading blows on the floor.

    What did the late President Cory Aquino like to say?

    Sobra na, tama na. We pray that Senators Enrile and Santiago now go back to crafting laws for the good of the country.


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    1. Why are they so concerned about the damage it may cause to the Senate? If the Senators themselves are faultless, they have nothing to worry about, but the fact is – it is a hellhole of rotten Senators (not everyone of course), but the majority of them have not done anything for our country’s good. Since the government of Cory Aquino til now – can you feel or see something good that came out of the Senate? It is just right that they tussle within the halls of that chamber and weed out those who are not worthy of the title accorded them. Jail then for good and be again called the house of Honorables?

    2. Is this all we got? Is this all the taxpaying public deserves to hear from these

      No f@#$%&ing wonder the regional countries are laughing at RP as the doormat of Asia, look down upon the Philippines -its system and political culture run by bunch of politicians – crooks-plunderers-scam artists- oppressing its own people.

      No f@#$%^&ing wonder RP’s military hardware and arsenal is of WW2 vintage – naval ships, planes, tanks…

      No f@#$%%&ing wonder RP could not even assist her own people in times of tragedy because there is no effective infrastructure in place…and no viable social programs to alleviate the plight of the people – resulting is global diaspora because the govt has nothing to offer for them locally.

      No f@#$%&*ing wonder, sad and pathetic. And Govt Officials of the Aquino Admin keep on harping on their boast of GDP figures, Fitch ratings & Standards and Poors ratings that has nothing to do with the burgeoning squatters along esteros, metro shorelines, and the vicinity of the airport as seen from the air as you take off/land…the prevailing crimes which the local police would be happy NOT to log on their blotter books to make themselves on top of their duties and jobs safeguarding the unsuspecting public but in fact bz collecting illegal money here and there…

      Yes, the Crooks in the Senate, and the House of the Thieves keep hurling personal invectives at each other – ONLI IN DA PILIPINZ …

    3. Arlene Bermudez on

      Poor editorial. Many people, young and old liked Sen. Santiago’s speech. They are glad that we have a senator like Sen. Santiago who exposed what kind of person Enrile is.

      So many benefits from Sen. Santiago’s speech. It opened the eyes of our youth that we have public officials like Enrile, Drilon, aBAD, Ochoa, Belmonte, Gonzales, Alcala at marami pa.

    4. Hope this is the last dog & cat fight in this tattered & dirty institution. If emotion over-rides reason, you might install a boxing-wrestling ring in the senate…Friday Night Fight in the Senate. It will be entertaining.

    5. The whole Enrile-Santiago thing was a waste of time for everyone– the Senate and people who read about it. These senior lawmakers should not have aired for all to hear/see their personal dispute. It was embarrassing for everyone. They acted like arguing children on a playground, not like Senators.