• Enrile all packed for jail


    Who said they’re worried? Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile and Ramon Revilla Jr. hug each other after Revilla’s privileged speech at the Senate on Monday. Graft charges were also filed against the three senators on Monday at the Sandiganbayan. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

    HE has packed a bag and is ready to go. To jail, that is.

    Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile on Monday said he is ready for detention and is merely waiting for the Sandiganbayan sheriff to serve him an arrest warrant.

    “I’ve been prepared since several days ago. I’ve already packed up my things to bring to Camp Crame if that’s where we are going to be confined,” the Senator told reporters in an interview. “Even if I die in my cell, it’s okay,” he added.

    Camp Crame in Quezon City is the national headquarters of the Philippine National Police.

    The Office of the Ombudsman filed plunder charges against Enrile, Senators Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles on Friday in connection with the pork barrel scam. The anti-graft court is yet to raffle off the case.

    Enrile, 90, said he has no plans to resist arrest since, as a lawyer, he is familiar with the legal process. He noted that it does not matter to him where he will be arrested.

    The senator said he has no plans to go to the Supreme Court at this stage because he would rather face the charges at the Sandiganbayan.

    “I was served the warrant here in the Senate in 1990. It was here in the Senate that I was arrested. The second time I was arrested was in 2001 at my house,” he told reporters.

    Enrile was arrested inside the Senate premises in 1990 on charges of rebellion in connection with the December 1989 coup attempt that rocked the government of then-President Corazon Aquino.

    Eleven years later, he was again arrested and detained at Camp Crame in connection with the failed Malacanang siege staged by supporters of former President Joseph Estrada.

    Enrile welcomed the filing of the plunder complaint against them in court, saying it gives them the chance to prove their innocence.

    “It’s good that we are given the opportunity to use the proper forum to discharge all of these speculations, all of these charges, all of these things that are being thrown at us,” he said.

    Estrada, however, said he will exhaust all legal remedies available including the filing of a motion asking the Sandiganbayan for a legal determination of probable cause or suspension of the proceedings. He added that he will confer with his lawyers led by Jose Flaminiano, who also defended his father when the older Estrada was charged with plunder.

    Revilla filed a similar motion on Saturday.

    But the arrest of the three senators and their co-accused may be delayed because the anti-graft court is waiting for the Supreme Court’s decision on the request of the Ombudsman that a special division be created to exclusively try “pork” cases.

    New charges
    On Monday, the Office of the Ombudsman filed graft charges at the Sandiganbayan against Enrile, Estrada and Revilla, also in connection with the alleged misuse of their priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel.

    Enrile was charged with 15 counts of graft, Estrada, 11 and Revilla, 16.

    Also charged with violation of Section 3(e) of the Anti-Graft Law are Napoles, Revilla’s staff Richard Cambe; John Raymund de Asis; former Technology Resource Center Director General Dennis Cunanan; Budget Undersecretary Mario Relampagos; Rosario Nuñez; Lalaine Paule; Marilou Bare; TRC officials Antonio Ortiz, Francisco Figura, Ma. Rosalinda Lacsamana and Marivic Jover; and private individuals Myla Ogerio, Eulogio D. Rodriguez and Laarni Uy.

    No hiding
    Flaminiano assured that Estrada will squarely face the charges and will not go into hiding.

    “We will make legal steps to clarify the situation because many are saying that they might be arrested immediately. We will file something,” he told reporter without elaborating.

    “Nandiyan na iyan pero buo naman ang dibdib nila na wala silang kasalanan, haharapin niya lang [The case is there and they are determined to face it to prove that they are innocent),” the lawyer said.

    Flaminiano added that he can also be a collaborating counsel for Enrile, his law school classmate and friend.

    "We will answer it all [accusations], the case is too complicated. We will do all that we could to defend our clients,” he said.

    Flaminiano is also the counsel of former President Gloria Arroyo, who is also facing plunder charges in connection with the alleged misuse of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) funds.


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    1. iriga city boy on

      If these 3 Senators are found guilty,i would appreciate if they volunteer to serve time in that “marooned” ship in Ayungin Shoal.They can help this nation by being support team members.They can wash clothes,cook food,give haircuts to the Marines,spiffy up the ‘marooned ship, clean the commodes/bathtubs,”magtuktuk kalawang”,throw trash,and distribute bullets,in case the Chinese try to overrun the ship’
      How about those “makabayan”suggestions for these “Honorables”!!
      Being there is a gut check for true bravery .
      Want to volunteer on that Misters Enrile,Estrada,?

    2. Daniel B. Laurente on

      It is really good for the three senators and others to face the court because it where then truth comes out and clear their names. Not in public court where they are already convicted by ignorants of the proper process.of the law.

    3. I hope the 3 stooges (Enrile, Estrada and Revilla) will spend the rest of the lives in jail. I don’t even have to wait for the result of the court proceeding. Their patron Mrs. Napoles even said so, that they benefited from the PDAF scandals. I know they are pinning their last hope on Vice President Binay. But honestly, I don’t believe that Mr. Binay will do anything to save them. Otherwise, that will be the end of his entire family’s political career. Mr. Revilla’s was so melo-dramatic in his speech. He was an actor up to the end. Good job Bong!!! I hope you will rot in jail.

    4. Their loot can help them free, in addition to their strong influences with other high-ranking crooks.

    5. joebert banderas on

      Dapat talaga mapaparusahan ang mga corrupt govt officials ito ang no 1 problem in the country.Sila ang dahilan kung bakit maraming kababayan ang naghihirap walang uportunidad .Hindi uunlad ang bayan kung hindi sila mapaparusahan dahil hindi matakot ang may balak pang mangurakot.

    6. Revilla’s Farewell to Pork Barrel Co-Scammers!

      His privilege speech I hope is his last and people will never again send him to Congress. Revilla, Estrada and Enrile and the other 20 and 100 incumbent and past legislators named in the Napoles and Benhur Luy’s lists MUST all be convicted and sent to jail for rest of their lives. This will set a political and judicial precedent that will lead to honest and transparent governance and lay the foundation of good government!
      Revilla should have declared in his speech to SEE his PEERS in JAIL where they can all do a retreat to repent for their sins of stealing the people’s wealth to perpetuate themselves in power or for pure personal greed! I urged Pnoy to indict and put in jail ALL those named and exposed by Napoles, regardless of affiliation, if Pnoy is indeed true and sincere on his “straight path” policy. If that happens, Pnoy will be the only President or leader in the world who can be proud to have the personal courage and will to clean up.a corrupt culture! It will be his crowning glory and legacy to the Filipino people, in addition to his mother’s democratic pioneering spirit and his father’s heroic death in the hands of a monster dictator, Marcos.

    7. Wheel of Justice must start to roll!
      Now that the indictments vs. Enrile, Estrada and Revilla have been filed
      with the Sandiganbayan, the ignition key to start the wheel of justice
      must be clicked on by the graft courts (Sandiganbayan). The trials must be
      speedy and continuously conducted within a reasonable lenght of time that
      will not allow the cases to drag on. On the other side, the people, media
      and all patriotic Filipinos must stake and closely monitor the criminal
      proceedings to prevent prosecutors, judges and attorneys for the defense
      conspire for the dismissal of these cases. These cases will set a huge
      precedence and lesson for public officials to honestly behave in the
      performance of their public responsibilities. Abuse of power and greed
      had been shown by these three senators as charged (10 indictments vs.
      Enrile, 11 vs. Revilla 10and 10 vs. Estrada) that clearly evidenced their
      unhindered and unchecked nefarious graft behaviour. Sending them to jail
      for rest of their lives and confiscating the stolen wealth of the people
      are the only consolation of the people and the remedy for a corrupt
      legislators. It is only then there will be a renewal of clean spirit and
      honesty in future Congress and legislators!
      Jun Adan

    8. Enrile has not lost his touch. He is still the cocky and arrogant politician in the Philipines as he have always been. The three muskethieves looks so confident by showing their straight and easy-go-lucky selves. But what is really inside themselves could be fear and guilt.