Enrile ready to be investigated on ‘pork’ scam, says COA report is distorted


There are some “distortions” in the report attributed to him by the Commission on Audit, Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile said Friday.

But he is still up for investigation if necessary.

“There are some distortions, not because of COA but because of the records,” Enrile told Senate reporters Friday.

“I’m not saying COA is wrong, I do not have to question the COA. They’re just conducting an audit.”

Enrile said that the P325 million in priority development assistance funds were falsely attributed to him, adding that it was released in 2009 to seven other legislators who were members of the Commission on Appointments.

He said that his having endorsed the release of these funds when he was Senate President might have led the COA to attribute it to him and called on Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya Jr. to clarify where public funds were allocated to legislators but not being disclosed.

On the other hand, he also stressed that he is not inclined to inhibit himself from participating in Senate probe of PDAF scandal but says that he is ready to be questioned in hearings.

It is not the responsibility of lawmakers to check non-government organizations getting pork, Enrile also said, stating it should be implementing agencies in charge of monitoring projects implemented.

“I have never dealt directly with any NGO, supplier,” Enrile said.

“They have not requested from me, the only ones requesting from me are politicians. I have not received any request from an NGO.”

Meanwhile, when asked about his relationship with Janet Lim-Napoles he said he had “never met her” and does not even “know her.”

“I saw her face on television and in print the first time this story broke out,” he said.

He also described the pork barrel scam as a “large-scale robbery of the people”. PNA


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  1. the senators and congressmen that have dealings with Napoles are the people
    who are vocal in there position as if they are innocent , only them knows that they are
    the thieves of the country but we the people know who you are. They can deny to the people but there conscience cannot deny there action.