• Enrile ‘too old to go to jail’


    Sometimes, being old has its advantages.

    Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile may not spend a day in jail even if he is arrested for plunder because he is well into his twilight years.

    Enrile is 90 years old. He was born on February 14, 1924.

    In an interview, retired Chief State Prosecutor Jovencito Zuno said Enrile can enjoy “privileges” under the law once plunder and graft charges are filed against him by the Office of the Ombudsman at the Sandiganbayan.

    Zuno, a veteran criminal prosecutor, was one of those who worked for the conviction of former president Joseph Estrada for plunder and former Zamboanga del Norte Rep. Romeo Jalosjos for the crime of rape.

    According to Zuno, Enrile can escape jail because the Revised Penal Code allows mitigating circumstances to lower the penalty or punishment for indicted people who are 70 years old and above. Thus, if the verdict is life imprisonment, the penalty will be lowered by one degree.

    “Under the Revised Penal Code, [being]70 years [old]and above… will be a mitigating circumstance and the penalty shall be lowered,” he said.

    If Enrile is sickly, he can also ask for a hospital arrest. Or he can request that he be placed under the custody of the Senate President since he is a sitting senator.

    If he is convicted, Enrile can also automatically appeal for presidential pardon because of his age.

    Zuno said it will take years before the trial is completed.

    He cited the plunder trial of Estrada, which took six years.

    If the Sandiganbayan suspends Enrile, Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, work at the Senate will go on as usual, according to Sen. Francis Escudero.

    Escudero said the upper chamber can still function and pass measures even if the number of senators drops to 21.

    The senator explained that to be able to pass a measure, the Senate only needs to have a quorum and the vote of the majority of senators.


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    1. But he is not too Old to Steal from the People. Old or not he shoulld be punish for the Crime he did if found Guilty.

    2. Franco Kit Forral on

      In the Philippines corruption is a status symbol of power look at the Marcosses, the Estradas, the Revillas even the Pacquios the Drillons, the Osmenas, the Romualdeses. They all lives in mansions because of power to corrupt.

    3. nakalusot k man s mata ng tao….pero s mata ng diyos NO!! may your soul ROT in HELL, kung meron man……. babawi n lng kami sa generations mo to come…..tuturuan namin cla mag adik….hehehhee

    4. So Enrile is too old to go to jail? How about giving him another form of punishment like putting him to sleep through lethal injection if found guilty? That’s what the US do to punish their most predatory criminals.

      With rampant corruption draining out the Treasury of our poor country, hoodlums in suits should not be allowed to enjoy their loots Scot-free.

    5. First of all, who didnt see this coming? I certainly did. Second of all, i want to tell all my filipino people to NEVER ever vote for an actor/politician person ever again, promise me that. It is unbelievable that corruption in my home land seems to never disappear. Philippines and Corruption have been bestfriends for a while now, and its giving appromixately half of the population in my home to end up with absolutely nothing. People, we really do need to be smarter on who to vote on, why would you vote for bong revilla? Seriously. And jinggoy? They dont know any better than there fathers. Bong deserves to die in prison, jinggoy sorry but you do too. We all know youre sorry but thats why we dont steal, the law is there for a reason and you are no better than every single filipinos to break it and thinking you can get away with it. I am only 19 years old and i dont even live in the philippines, but i am born and will die in it and for it. But it breaks me when i know the fact that thousands of familys dont have a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear, when these people are laughing and smiling because they just made 50000000 sitting on the couch. It makes me want to vomit all over them. Bong i wont see you in hell but if i do i will send you to a different hell. Enrile, old man, prison is your retirement destination, thanks for ruining your history for us but take care. Jinggoy, bro i could be a better senator than you, we know your dad is a horrible politician but you didnt have to go the same way, its not your fault because i know Erap didnt tell you that its the wrong way. And tell ejercito to learn from your mistake because if he mess up, he will get messed up. I dont have any messages to the others because hey we all know it happened and im so glad that we actually won this scandal. This is a really good news for the country. Corruption must die and never come back to this beautiful country. By the way i want people to realize something, when people ask me how the philippines is, i say its really beautiful and poverty is the main unchosen lifestyle and where corruption happens as we speak. Im not a liar so i say it. I shouldnt even care about this, im 19 i live in america and i have like two white girls to play around with all the time but im a caring, patriotic lovable man and i love this country and my filipinos. Thank You inmate Napoles or the late Napoles for giving us the truth and nothing but truth. If it wasnt for her, Bong would be in America screwing LV strippers i bet you it. Great day to end my day that now i know they will all suffer from this. Well thanks for reading and you can reply and write what you wanna say to me or everyone. Case Closed

    6. There should be no sex and age discrimination in our democratic society. Whether or not, he is 18 or 180 years old, give him a space in the jail..

    7. Too old to be jailed…well, if that is the reasoning. But, it’s good that nobody is immortal because eventually and sooner or later Enrile will die. Being unrepentant, he will surely go to hell wherin the situation is million times worse than in prison. He evaded the wrath of the people,cunning smart and clever that he is, but he can not escape the wrath of God.

    8. If he is too old to plunder that will not bar him for spending the rest of his life in jail.

    9. He is too old to stay in jail. What will happen to his instant wealth? He gets paid playing his ipad while Senate is on session. How come a senator is allowed to do this?

    10. if he wasn’t too greedy and decided to quit politics in his 80’s. he would be enjoying the fruits of his loot with maam gg now instead of facing all those cases. still, his soul will be burning somewhere.

    11. Poor (spiritually) old man. With his wealth and aging years, he should have set an example to this young senators, the bearing and statemanship of how to be a great one. Instead, he showed them how to be corrupt, how to steal our poor country’s wealth. Miriam is correct is the brain behind this. Sinayang mo ang tingin sa yo ng taong bayan when you handle Marcos overthrow and CJ Corona’s trial, mas mabaho ka pala. Dami dami mo ng pera eh, hindi uso yan sa maapoy na impierno. Hindi ka na naawa sa aming mga farmers , yon walang aanihin dahil sa sobrang init. Sana kong nabigyan nyo kami ng pang irigasyon, may makain kaming tatlong beses ngayon tiis kamote at talbos para mabuhay.
      I read he is a bible reading man.
      Johnny, Jinggoy and Bong, remember Matthew 16:26 ” For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?

    12. If JPE can plunder at old age, then age should be an excuse for a jail sentence. Let him stay in jai.

    13. Kaya pala nagnakaw itong matanda na ito alam na pala nya na hindi dya makukulong. Di bale, sa impyerno rin ang bagsak mo….

    14. william bundoc on

      ang akala niya wala ng katapusan ang pag tatamasa.lahat ng storya ay may katapusan.on my view he is not a hero.he is indeed a traitor.noong matapos ang edsa 1dapat di na siya bumalik sa politik pero di pwede dahil kailangan niyang protektahan ang mga ginawa niya at the same time para magpayaman sa paglustay ng pera ng tao na matagal ng ginagawa nila.

    15. Manny F. Reyes on

      Fine with me as long as he goes down in the footnotes of history as a crook.

    16. kahit 100 yyears old kung kasalanan nya dapat ikulong upang hindi na tularan. Ang batas ay dapat pantay mahirap man ang tao o Plolitiko. Ang kaso favor ang ginagawa sa mga taong naakusa porque kasama sa Politiko!

    17. it seems even in punishment there are ways the guilty are protected. Age should not come into it. If he is just as guilty then punish him the same. Do like he did, did he care about anyone other than himself no of course he didnt so i say show him no mercy & let him suffer like the scum he is. If age doesnt stop them committing the crime then age shouldnt stop them serving the time.

    18. mauricio palao on

      I was an OFW in Jeddah in 1986, and was very proud of Juan Ponce Enrile and his role in the ‘People’s Power Revolution’ then. Today, after his role in the PDAF affair, and his subsequent indictment, I feel disappointed and let down. A ‘Hardvard’ man, a legal luminary, and an “EDSA I” hero, now lumped in with the likes of Jinggoy, Bong and Napoles. What a shame.

      • Nawala na sa tamang pag iisip ang matanda kapag Babae na ang pinaglilibangan.tama sabi ng asawa nya wala syang nkikitang ngdala ng opera c Juan sa bahay Nila dhil andun ky gigi lht..spoiled c kabit in short

    19. Augusto Cuyugan on

      We know Enrile is very smart person.He knows what he is doing for so many years in the government.He knows he would not go to jail by that age when he did this kind of biggest corruption ever in our country.But don’t make this reason to be the hindrance not to make him answerable for what he did..All the money he stole should be recovered at any cost.We have a lot of people suffering from extreme poverty.Get all the money back from these vultures.and use the money to uplift the life of the poor.

    20. mikhail hieronymus on

      Enrile is too old to go to jail, but he is not too old to steal the money of the government. He should therefore be sent to jail for stealing people’s money.
      The law is the law. He knows that. He is so quiet unlike jinggoy and revilla probably because he know he might not be sent to jail at any rate. Smart old man!!!!

      • the law is the law. that’s precisely the reason why he won’t go to jail. the law affords him some “privilege” because of his age.

      • Perfecto Abusador on

        Smart??? If Enrile is that smart he should have known better not to steal from the government especially at his age. His greed for MONEY got the best of him. Or his LUST did him in.