Enrile unfazed by looming arrest, incarceration


TALKS about his impending arrest and possible incarceration do not seem to scare Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile, who on Tuesday expressed confidence that he could win the plunder complaint that will be filed against him at the Sandiganbayan in connection with his supposed involvement in the multibillion-peso priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel scam.

The senator said he is ready to be detained.

“I have studied my case and I’m confident in a fair court in a fair trial that I can handle our case,” Enrile added.

The Office of the Ombudsman had ordered the filing of plunder and graft charges against Enrile and senators Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr.

But even if the case is yet to be filed, talks about the arrest of the senators and their possible detention site have already started.

Enrile, however, said he is not offended by such talks.

“I’m not thinking when I will get arrested. They arrest me, period. If a case is filed, I think they’ll have to [arrest me]whether there is probable cause because that’s mandatory under the Constitution. So I’m ready,” Enrile told reporters.

He said he is even willing to be detained with members of the Abu Sayaff terror group.

“If all of a sudden I get sick at my age, maybe I will ask them to allow me to go to a doctor to have treatment, if not I will take my chances,” Enrile added.

Estrada and Revilla are also not bothered by their possible incarceration, saying they have gotten used to their political persecution.


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    Let’s face the facts that our goverment is run by crooks and corrupt official.This has been the foundation created by us because we put them there and now we sufffer. I believe that all this trials are only for show because non of our corrupt official found gulity were in jail. The Marcoses who looted the whole country are still in power, Gloria Macapagal is still a congresswoman and enjoying her freedom, Estrada is now a mayor of our beloved city of Manila, Judge Corona and so on. Until our way of electing officials change by selecting good and responsible people and not by popularity and wealth then we stood a chance of creating a good goverment. Still I hope and keep my finger cross that justice will prevail on this Horrible Corruption that this Senators and Congressmans who looted our poor Country to face real justice.. Or we may need another Edsa Revolution to kick them out.

  2. I think, the accused should be given a fair chance in defending themselves in the court of law. Stop this conviction by publicity employed by the administration. Let the trial begin if there is really a truck load of evidence. And why is Morales suddenlyout of the country when she is needed most now in this present situation? Why is Tan out of the country also when they are need to hasten the court procedures? Is there something being cooked again by the spinners?

  3. I am not surprised if JPE has been silent during the past months on his alleged involvement in the PDAF scandal. He typifies “water that runs deep”.His stance distinguishes him from the non-lawyers who have been talking too much with non sense. Mr. Enrile didn’t become what he is now “for nothing”, and he will never take whatever accusation lodged against him “lying down”! There is always the proper time and the proper forum. Besides, the DOJ must have “blabbed” too much in the media which Mr. Enrile can ‘throw back’ to the prosecution. I am curious how the prosecution will fare as far as JPE is concerned.

  4. I hope you notice the words he used they are just the same as corona, ” in a fair trial “. They say that the after the trial if found guilty they say it wasnt a fair trial. I wonder when the trial starts for these senators how long it will be before the 1st one is taken ill & has to go to the hospital, as thats another favoured trick of all these sort of people. I mean wasnt gloria arroyo close to death door & if she wasnt treated she would die. Then we had corona carted off to a hospital, i would cart them off to jail not hospital. & why are they making special detention centres for these guys if they are going to trial, why cant they go in a normal jail cell like the rest of us would have to, what is so special about these guys, is it because they are honourable. Please dont insult my intelligence, these guys have no honour they are commiong thieves who i say have committed treason in how & what they stole from the people of this country.

  5. This guy had my uncle imprisoned for 27 months during Martial Law. My uncle was sent to several prison camps for political prisoners including camp Bagong Diwa. My uncle was never charged with anything. In the end my uncle had to thank Enrile for releasing him. I wish for Enrile to spent the rest of his life in prison. KAILANGAN MAGBAYAD SIYA !!!