Enrile’s camp argues no direct witness to prove plunder charge


Lawyers of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile asked the Sandiganbayan on Friday not to proceed with the plunder case against the Senate minority leader for lack of probable cause.

Lead Counsel Estelito Mendoza of Enrile’s camp argued before the Sandiganbayan Third Division Justices Amparo Cabotaje-Tang, Napoleon Inoturan and Maria Christina Cornejo that his client should not be charged with plunder.

Mendoza insisted that there is no direct witness presented by the Office of the Ombudsman that the former Senate president received the money.

The former justice secretary and solicitor general pointed out that the voluminous documents presented by the Office of the Ombudsman did not specify how the senator supposedly pocketed P172 million from his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). PNA


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  1. Josslin Diaz on

    The argument of Estelito Mendoza that the case against his client JPE should be dismissed obviously is wrong because the 3rd Divison is looking at exactly the same documentary evidence.. The only difference is that JPE received the kickback through his Chief of Staff according to Mrs. Tuason,but there was no indication that JPE didn’t know about these transactions as Mrs Tuason said she also spoke with JPE at the senate.. There is no option on the part of this division to find a different result the documentation are the same. As Dennis Cunanan testified in the Senate after being asked by Sen Santiago..In the three documents from each senator the words” Project Description” was always present, and the word description was mispelled : “descreption” in all 3 documents meaning only one person prepared those documents..evidence of conspiracy.

  2. Rocky Coronel on

    Very unbecoming of this haughty, arrogant lawyer to accuse Ombudsman of just dumping the evidence on the door of Sandigan Bayan without reading them. This kind is what makes the judicial system rotten. Clear intention is to delay the release of the warrant. I remember his boasting caused the start of Edsa 2 when he refused opening of the 2nd envelope.