• Enrile’s turn to surrender

    Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile arrives at Camp Crame on Friday. He was taken to the camp’s hospital for a checkup.  Photo By Ruy L. Martinez

    Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile arrives at Camp Crame on Friday. He was taken to the camp’s hospital for a checkup.
    Photo By Ruy L. Martinez

    Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, one of the country’s most prominent politicians and the third legislator facing criminal charges in the pork barrel corruption scandal, on Friday surrendered to authorities at the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Camp Crame.

    The 90-year-old Enrile was driven in a convoy of several cars from his house in Dasmariñas Village in Makati City to Camp Crame, the PNP headquarters in Quezon City. According to his lawyer, Enrique dela Cruz, the senator was accompanied by his children, Jack and Katrina.

    His wife, Kristina, was not in the convoy, dela Cruz said.

    Before leaving, Enrile told his children, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back,” according to the lawyer.

    The senator declined to be interviewed by the scores of media representatives who waited outside his house.

    After he was booked, Enrile was taken to the PNP hospital inside the camp so doctors could check the slight rise in his blood pressure. He will most likely spend the night there.

    Hours earlier, the Sandigan­bayan ordered the arrest of the senator, who is accused of taking huge kickbacks in exchange for pork barrel releases.

    “The first order of arrest is issued against Senator Juan Ponce Enrile,” court clerk Dennis Pulma told reporters, reading from a resolution of the anti-graft tribunal.

    Enrile is the third senator to be ordered arrested by the Sandigan­bayan in the case in which dozens of lawmakers, their staff and other officials are accused of embezzling billions of pesos allotted for development projects.

    Already detained at the PNP Custodial Center are Senators Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.

    The three were among dozens indicted earlier this year.

    Enrile was accused of pocketing P172 million in public funds that were allegedly diverted to ghost projects.

    He has been charged with one count of plunder, punishable by life imprisonment.

    The case erupted last year when businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles was accused of colluding with lawmakers to embezzle an estimated P10 billion from legislators’ pork barrel funds, or money for their pet projects.

    Napoles initially denied any wrongdoing, then in a failed effort to turn state witness gave prosecutors a list implicating more than 100 lawmakers. She has also been charged with plunder.

    Two of those on the list are now members of President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s Cabinet but they deny the charges and say Napoles is spreading false information to deflect blame.

    Enrile’s lawyers also wrote to PNP officials requesting that his mug shots “be kept confidential, or its taking altogether dispensed with.”

    “Beyond the irreparable impact on the subject, the proliferation of the ‘mug shots’ are associated with ‘most wanted’ posters displayed in law enforcement agencies, shown in the movies and television shows, such that it is almost always inferred that the person involved automatically has a criminal record or is a hardened criminal,” the lawyers said.

    Reacting to Enrile’s arrest, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in a statement: “We are one with the people in their collective aspirations for truth and justice to prevail.”

    In a separate statement, Palace deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte said the issuance of warrants of arrest “is a step forward in discerning the truth in the pork barrel scam cases.”

    Also ordered arrested were Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes, Enrile’s former chief of staff; Ronald Lim, Napoles’ brother; and John Raymond de Asis, Napoles’ driver.

    The Sandiganbayan’s Third Division issued the warrants after finding probable cause.

    The resolution for the arrests was signed by Presiding Justice Amparo Cabotaje-Tang, Associate Justices Alex Quiroz and Samuel Martires.

    The court also issued a resolution denying ex-Technology Resource Center Director General Dennis Cunanan’s plea to travel abroad.

    AFP, Jefferson Antiorda, Anthony Vargas, Catherine S. Valente and Reina Tolentino


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    1. Rey Rogelio G. Manalo, Jr. on

      • • • Always remember this, Senator Enrile :

      ○○○ Men and Women of Wealth and Power
      ○○○ Rise and FALL
      ○○○ Just like a Tossed Up BALL. … Way To Go, Pedro !! .. ((^_^)) ☻☺☻

      ….. (ref: Luke 1:52-53)

    2. Rey Rogelio G. Manalo, Jr. on

      • • • Moral Lesson for Senator Juan Ponce Enrile :

      ○○○ It is better to be a BORN-AGAIN
      ○○○ Than to be a BORN LOSER. … Ouch !! … ((^_^)) … ☻☺☻

    3. We are not after the three senators only, there should be an speedy arrest of others senators like Sotto, Jaworski and son Dodot, etc. Justice should be served at all cost, because Filipinos suffer so much, poor peoples become poorer and these corrupt senators always try to have face value, but in reality, they use masa (mass base people) to enrich themselves. this is just the beginning without end.

      • Purong G.I. on

        It is not a waste. He can tutor his fellow inmates to get educated with the right law; not how to be a crooked person. Philippines will always be on the top list of corrupt countries in the globe. Is it already part of our culture? Maybe I am missing something.

    4. Angel Pulido on

      To Benhur Luy and Company: Thank you so much! Because of your bravery, this inconceivable crime in the government is now coming to an end. I could careless what others say, you guys are heroes.

      • “Coming to an end”? This may be unduly optimistic: “coming to light” may be closer to the mark; but just as the leopard cannot change his spots, politicians seem unable to keep their snouts out of the trough.

    5. Who do these lawyers think they are asking not to show enriles mugshots. Does he think his client is above the law, well his client enrile seems to think he is above the law. Show his mugshots everywhere, let the people see these scum who have stolen billions of pesos from the country to line their own pockets. Let him know he is just like the rst of us. & so what if his blood pressure rises a little, i wonder how many prisoners in normal jails have high blood pressure every single day & do they get to spend time in hospital because of it, no of course they dont they get treated harshly. These senators if guilty are worse than 90% of normal criminals yet they get treated better than them from the 1st day of custody, it should change & you filipino people should scream for that change, show these so called important people that when it comes to the law they will be treated just the same as the poor people of this country.

      • Greedy, corrupt politicians,never fail to amaze me.Is it any wonder why the general public in all democracies view them as the lowest of the low,To sifhon off millions upon millions of pesos from public coffer’s is despicable,no word’s can describe the disgust of what we all feel towards these snakes in the grass.They have denied the people who they represent and the society they live in the benefit of improving our life individually and collectively by trickery and deception all in the name of greed and self interest.Now they have been exposed,hopefully,no cover up’s,no concealment of the facts or the truth.Forget any mercy,This was a giant conspiracy amongst those where in a position of power.They collaborated in order cheat and defraud us, the people.This high profile corruption is rife and has been continueing for far to long down the generations.Is it any wonder we are a poor country,with so many poor people living in downright poverty,and our infrascruture so dilapidated and such an eye sore.Is it any wonder,we have a love and hate relationship with politicians ,and very little trust and respect.We are always weary of there words and promises,they mean nothing to most of us,this just further explains with good justification,why we don’t simply trust these obnoxious characters who lie through there teeth to fulfil there own selfish ambitions with sole intention of criminally stealing your money,the peoples money.When the charges are levelled and made,and these culprits are brought to book,no mitigation,no mercy,regardless of age ,or health,or position in life.Let the full weight of the law be seen to be done in all its aspects.So, we the the people will at least have some vindication that those other people in privledge positions who think they can fleece the coffers by committing these criminal acts, wil,l if caught face the wrath of its people.

    6. It is apparent that King PNoy is treating JP Enrile with kid-gloves treatment. Well it cannot be denied that he owes the man a lot of favors having towed his line in impeaching poor Renato Corona. Although the man earned lots of money, about 100 million per article of Mr. Tiglao many issues back, courtesy of PNoy and Abad’s PDAF and DAP.

    7. Kung anuman ang nangyayari ngayon ay maiikukumpara sa pangyayari noong 1986 at nagkataong isa ring tao (Enrile) ang nagpasimuno ng lahat na akala ng Pilipino ay maiibsan na ang kahirapan , yaon pala ang gobyerno ay pinapatakbo ng minority rich elite na walang layunin kundi magnakaw, magpayaman , pansarili ang layunin at kung kaya walang trabaho ang karamihan sa sariling bansa. para mabuhay at kinailangan pang mamasukan sa ibang bansa Eto ay ginawa ng Dios na maparusahan ang mga traidor kagaya ng ginawa nila kay Marcos.at may katapusan din ang lahat. KARMA


      What goes around comes around. In short its KARMA. Enrile did this to Marcos
      before. This guy has been a traitor long before. It’s about time that he has
      to feel the same thing as what he did for biting the hands that fed him. History
      will haunt traitors like him. Let him suffer like these criminals in Muntinglupa.
      Age should not be a mitigating factor in his case. What is important to restore
      the peoples trust in the judiciary system of this country is that the law should
      be applied equally and fairly regardless of who you are.

    9. Wheel of Justice must start to roll!

      Now that the indictments vs. Enrile, Estrada and Revilla have been filed with the Sandiganbayan and the court have acquired personal jurisdiction over the three accused (Enrile, Estrada and Revilla), the ignition key to start the wheel of justice must be clicked on by the graft courts (Sandiganbayan). The trials must be speedy and continuously conducted within a reasonable length of time that will not allow the cases to drag on. Frivolous dilatory tactics and pleadings by accused must readily be overruled. Contentious Motions or appeal of interlocutory orders to Supreme Court is not a ground to delay trial proceedings. Non-stop trials must be conducted considering there are truckloads of evidence and so many accused involved in each Senator’s individual cases. It must be finished before Aquino’s term expires. On the other side, the people, media and all patriotic Filipinos must stake and closely monitor the criminal proceedings to prevent prosecutors, judges and attorneys for the defense conspire for the dismissal of these cases. These cases will set a huge precedence and lesson for public officials to honestly behave in the performance of their public responsibilities. Abuse of power and greed had been shown by these three senators as charged (10 indictments vs. Enrile, 11 vs. Revilla and 10 vs. Estrada) that clearly showed their unhindered and unchecked nefarious graft and greedy behavior in public office. Unlawful enrichment in office is what these three premeditadly performed rather than serve the interest of the poor people. Sending them to jail for rest of their lives and confiscating the stolen wealth of the people are the only consolation of the people and the remedy for a corrupt legislators. It is only then there will be a renewal of clean spirit and honesty in future Congress and legislators!
      Jun Adan
      New York City

    10. Twenty-eight years ago, Enrile was inside Camp Crame in the epicenter of the revolt that toppled President Marcos, the President whom Enrile served for many years and from whom he and his family extracted a lot of favors. Enrile was the “star” that led the 1986 uprising, the traitor that would cause the downfall of Marcos. Now, 28 years later, Enrile is back in Crame, this time as a discredited, reviled and persecuted detainee. Karma can sometimes be very sweet.