• Enter Holly Holm



    After Rowdy Rhonda Rousey proved to everyone’s face in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 175 who owns the Octagon, both fans and critics finally stopped the booing and took their hats off to hail the first undefeated female UFC champion.

    Every mixed martial arts fan is thinking of only one more name for Rousey to finally seal her status as the goddess of MMA: Holly Holm. Born in New Mexico, Holm is a former football player, swimmer, gymnast and boxer. She dominated women’s boxing by being an 18-time world champion in three different divisions. On March 4, 2011, Holm entered the world of MMA and scored a KO win against Tina Domke using devastating leg kicks.

    From that point on, she never stopped winning every fight offered to her. She destroyed both strikers and grapplers with her unpredictable combinations and uncanny precision. If there’s a “striker” that Rhonda Rousey need to eliminate, that would be Holly Holm.

    Presently, Holm holds an MMA record of six knock out wins out of seven professional bouts. The feat caught the attention of UFC president Dana White who had her sign a contract to fight Rousey. While this fight is now cooking to a boiling point, Rousey at the moment is scheduled to have a knee surgery. That put the pressure on Rousey not on Holm. But mind you, this match up will put more pressure on the fans once the official date of the fight is announced. Rhonda Rousey vs. Holly Holm. Fight night would be judgment day on who the queen of MMA will be.

    “Mumbakki” Daniel Foronda is an MMA champion and a Filipino martial arts expert. He is currently based in Russia where he is a combat tactical trainer to the country’s Military Special Forces.


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