• Entering Belle’s world


    Advance cinema brings audience inside box-office hit ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with snow and rain effect

    To say that people had been excited to watch the modern retelling of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is an understatement.

    The live action remake starring Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson raked in $350-million on its opening weekend, $170-million of which came from cinemas across North America. The movie now holds the record of the seventh best film opening in the US and Canada.

    More impressively, Beauty beat the record of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—which earned $166-million in 2016—as the highest opening box office return in North America for a movie that opened outside summer.

    Based on the 1991 animated classic, Beauty follows the love story a bookish lass, Belle—who’s being ridiculed in their small town for having a penchant for literature—and Beast, a once-handsome prince who, due to his selfish ways, was cursed to become a monster.

    The new adaptation has a global return of $350 million on its opening weekend

    Many critics point to the audience’s craving for nostalgia, a mixture of new and old musical numbers from the movie and the casting of Watson as Belle as three of the several factors that make Beauty such a hit among viewers.

    Beauty also impressed in the Philippine box office. On its first day alone, the movie earned P47.2-million, according to the information that Walt Disney Studios Philippines shared to The Manila Times. Consequently, this figure broke the record for the industry’s biggest opening day for 2017.

    The movie is available in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D formats that suit any viewer’s taste.

    But for Bonifacio High Street (BHS) Cinemas, at least, a tale as classic as Beauty deserves to be seen and experienced by moviegoers in a special format, the 4DX.

    A first in the country, the 4DX™ technology is an immersive, all-five-senses experience that combines precise choreography of motion system and environmental effects.

    Since a cinema of this kind opened in 2014, moviegoers have enjoyed watching feature films as if they were in it—their chairs heave up and down, roll side-to-side, pitch forward and backward to make; they feel the mist, the smoke and fog, gusts of wind, bubbles, and even flash of lightning.

    Two years later, BHS Cinemas timed the addition of new features—rain and snow—with the opening of Beauty.

    “Everybody’s excited about Beauty and the Beast and we thought we’d take it up a notch. Not only do viewers get to watch a timeless classic, they get to experience some of what the characters feel as well, including the rain and the snow,” said Marc Buencamino, general manager for BGC’s Commercial Business.

    As such, when Belle is pictured as the lass mustering all the courage she has to go after her father in the midst of a snow, the audience would feel how terribly cold it is and therefore understand the travail that Belle has to overcome.

    BHS Cinemas would also let the audience have at least Belle’s sense of smell and, at one unexpected point in the movie, would infuse the whole cinema with the scent of Belle’s favorite flower.

    These are just but two of the many features that would transport the audience in the world of Belle and Beast; features that 26 years ago, when the animated musical first came out, were far from realization.


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