Entry #01 Juan Miguel Severo


I was never a big fashion guy. Maybe it’s because I shared a wardrobe with my father for the better part of my post-adolescent years. Maybe because I never really had the financial capacity to actually pick a lot of my own clothes. Or maybe because I’ve been lazy. Period. It takes time and thought to mix and match, after all.

But fame changed me (joke!)

Seriously though, becoming a performer and, eventually, a television actor made me care more about the way I look. To be fair, the change started when I began getting paychecks (I can afford to buy clothes now! Yay!), but my vanity elevated when I started appearing on the small screen. I’m in showbiz! My desire to look good has been justified! I now have the license to care about superficial matters and, as a Leo, this means a lot to me.

But it’s a process, you see. Even when I could already buy clothes, I was still afraid to take fashion risks. And by fashion risks, I mean colors. I don’t know if it’s my emo-punk college-band phase’ residue still clinging onto me, but I always felt more comfortable in black. It’s a slow journey. Before getting the role of Rico in On the Wings of Love, I had loosened up and allowed me some grays, and eventually even some whites. I’d poke fun at myself and call my aesthetic Malabon Monochromatic Chic.

Getting a supporting role in a TV show forced me to wear colors though. The character I played had a color palette: black, blue, brown, khaki. And as a supporting actor, I had to buy my own clothes for the role. I ended up dressing up as my character. And until now I wear a lot of Rico’s clothes and I have yet to move on from his colors.

But I’m trying to change that. I recently got a red hoodie! Red! Can you believe it? How bold!

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Juan Miguel Severo is a spoken word artist, published author, and film and television actor based in Quezon City. He currently appears on the ABS-CBN teleserye Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin, and his collection of spoken word poems titled Habang Wala Pa Sila is a National Book Store best seller.


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