LA TRINIDAD, Benguet: Newly elected president of the Association of Barangay Council (ABC) in this strawberry-producing capital town committed to spearhead activities that would promote environmental protection and waste segregation. Ambiong Barangay Captain Teddy Quintos said he would encourage the planting of more trees “which can and should start in our homes.” He said that planting fruit-bearing trees in pots or our backyards, will not only support environment protection, but will also help beautify the surroundings. Quintos said the 16 barangays in the capital town play a big role in preserving the watersheds, which will somehow help mitigate the ill effects of climate change. “Our municipality covers more than half of the Busol watershed and informal settlers are penetrating it, so we should do something to address this concern together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources,” he said.


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  1. If we want to stop this intrusion of squatters in the Busol watershed, we need to start making this Politicians and Law and Code Enforcement personnel be accountable and have them do their jobs. Baguio City and its suburbs have to stop issuing permit to build more school in the area. Baguio City have enough schools already. Schools attracts students, most students are starving students, and most of them are bored with very little to do in Baguio, resulting in them making cheap innovations to entertain themselves by engaging in partying, drinking and doing drugs.