Envoy Locsin calls for end to killings


PHILIPPINE ambassador-designate to the United Nations Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. has called for an end to the wave of killings of drug suspects and the withdrawal of a bill seeking to re-impose the death penalty.

He made the appeals in a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon after what he indicated was a political and economic briefing.

The former journalist and congressman said the series of killings undermines the “sure economic progress” of the next six years, which he credited to the previous Aquino administration that left a substantial amount of funds.

“End the killings. There are US methods of ‘disappearances’ which are more tasteful and do not invite international notice,” Locsin tweeted. “So much progress is in store for us in the next 6 years of Noynoy’s largesse and P3.3-trillion budgets growing by a trillion a year, why spoil it with carnage.”

He also opposed the reinstatement of capital punishment.

“First step, withdraw that barbarous bill re-imposing death penalty because it doesn’t work and it is messy. Death penalty demeans us,” the envoy said.

Locsin was nominated by President Rodrigo Duterte as ambassador to the UN in September. The Commission on Appointments confirmed him last month.

Duterte is proposing the restoration of the death penalty in an attempt to stop the illegal drug trade and combat criminality.

Before going on recess, a House of Representatives committee approved a substitute bill seeking to restore the death penalty, which was scrapped in 2006.

Yasay backs Duterte

On Wednesday, Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. slammed the call of the UN human rights high commissioner to investigate Duterte for his stunning claim that he had personally killed suspected criminals.

The President clearly stated that the killings occurred during law enforcement operations, Yasay said.

Those slain, he added, were hardened criminals who resisted arrest and placed the lives of police operatives and innocent people in jeopardy.

“The high commissioner could not use this alleged admission without verifying the true facts to arrive at an arbitrary and unfounded conclusion that murders were committed,” Yasay said.

Malacañang echoed Yasay and shrugged off the UN official’s call.

“It has been under scrutiny in the past, but it has already been addressed as far as we know,” presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said during a news conference.

Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the UN high commissioner for human rights, in a statement issued in Geneva on Tuesday said judicial authorities in the Philippines must demonstrate their commitment to the rule of law by launching an investigation on the President.

Al-Hussein said self-professed vigilantism clearly constituted murder, adding that “It should be unthinkable for any functioning judicial system not to launch investigative and judicial proceedings when someone has openly admitted being a killer.”

In a speech last week, Duterte said he used to drive around Davao City as mayor to hunt criminals and kill them, to set an example to the police.

“I used to do it personally. If I can do it, why can’t you?” he said.

Duterte later clarified before the foreign press that he had personally killed “about three” people during his stint as mayor.

The UN official claimed the killings were a violation of international law, including the right to life, freedom from violence and force, due process and fair trial, equal protection before the law, and innocence until proven guilty.
And by encouraging others to follow, al-Hussein added that the Philippine leader may also have committed incitement to violence.

According to the high commissioner’s office, over 6,100 people have reportedly been killed either by police, or by vigilantes and mercenaries apparently acting in response to Duterte’s “war on drugs” since he assumed the presidency on June 30.

Deaths included children as young as five years old, it added.

“Credible and independent investigations must be urgently re-opened into the killings in Davao, as well as into the shocking number of killings that have occurred across the country since Mr. Duterte became president,” al-Hussein said.

“The perpetrators must be brought to justice, sending a strong message that violence, killings and human rights violations will not be tolerated by the State and that no one is above the law.”

Al-Hussein also called on the Philippine government to lift the preconditions, including a public debate, that Duterte had imposed on a planned visit by UN special rapporteur on summary executions Agnes Callamard to investigate the alleged extrajudicial killings of suspected drug dealers.

Lacson raps UN official

Reacting to the UN official’s statements, Sen. Panfilo Lacson on Wednesday said Duterte, as president, enjoys immunity from suit during his entire six-year term.

“Apparently, the UN rights chief is not familiar with the Philippine Constitution and our laws,” Lacson said.
“No matter how many times a person in our country admits having committed murder, as long as there is no other evidence to corroborate his extrajudicial confession, the case cannot stand in any court of law,” the senator pointed out.

“The UN official can shout to high heavens to investigate the president but unfortunately for him, he can’t get past that call,” he added.


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  1. Consider what Locsin represents; a cabal of dictators and worldwide gangsters support by religious lunatics and corrupt armies. That’s the UN, trying to tell you how to live. Take care of those precious drug lords. Who gives a damn about the Filipino’s dying from drugs and being killed by the distributors if they can’t pay for them? Not the UN, that’s for sure. Instead they want you to give them a million peso trial and lock them up at your expense. I am with Duterte: “Kill them”. Save yourselves the aggravation and expense.

  2. Locsin should have not accepted the post as he knows the President is serious in his war on drugs which he himself defended before. Placating the American puppet UN will not bring any progress to the Philippines as it will go on coercing the Philippine government to protect American agencies that sell tons of cocaine to the Americans themselves. Just now, America is attaching strings to its funds for aids regularly released for decades now. Unfortunately, the meet a Pilipino President who’s not afraid of superpowers, a superborrower of China in trillion dollars.

  3. Did it occur to anybody that it is the drug criminals that doing the killing, that are trying to silence the possible witnesses, while the sanctimonious thieves and shallow/paid media make it appear that it is the government’s going?

    The killing will only stop if the government stop pursuing the big drug dealers, distributors, and leave the big criminals in peace?

    The coordinated killing and the noise are the combined forces of the criminals and the discredited political party trying to stop the purging of evil, grab power and return back to their old ways of evil in complete freedom.

    In fact the government enforcers are not doing its job of “sweeping” fast enough. If only the enforcers are half as efficient as it should be, the killing will stop – by wiping out these criminals once and for all.

  4. It looks like the assembly of hypocrites have turned Teddy Boy into one of them. Why don’t the UN investigate the United States for killing over half a million innocent babies every year? Why are the human rights of these babies being ignored while the human rights of criminals vehemently defended? Why the double standards? These killings of babies are in fact state sanctioned. The law allows the killing, and the state by funding groups such as Planned Parenthood, are aiding and abetting the killings.

  5. I supported Duterte because there was no one else. But it seems like this person doesn’t really belong to the position he is in and it shows time and time again. Same as the Chief of Police, Gen Dela Rosa. Their unchecked egos from Davao they have brought with them to Manila. Both open their mouths and invite criticism which they can not handle in the first place. President Duterte, you need to shut up. You’re already the President. Drop the campaign rhetoric and focus on your job. Look at the surveys and listen to the people already.

  6. Did Yasay backs Duterte?? No, Not Exactly, because what is exactly Yasay is standing on is not just what is Duterte saying on his lips but including what is the hard truth or the intrinsic truth that there is no crime or victim of crime in mere saying that I, Duterte, killed three or four in Davao. Any one who will counter this, simply prove it, orTeodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr. and his cohort Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, just prove it, where is the victim with out much ado.

  7. A bunch of hypocrites specially the meddlesome UN and US you have more problems in your backyard so please get your nose off of our business. The Philippines love Duterte and no amount of media assassination will make us change our minds. This message also goes out to the high horsed Filipinos living abroad who think they know more than the Filipino people herein the Philippines. Scram!
    My advice read up – De Lima has been investigating that DDS since Duterte was a mayor and nothing came up. So Read up! Bunch of bleeding heart ignoramuses.

  8. Thank God there are still some, like Mr. Locsin, who are not afraid to express their views even if it will cost them their job, and probably their lives.
    President Duterte is a revengeful person and because of what Mr. Locsin said, he might not even step his foot in the UN. Too bad. He looks like a decent person.

  9. kale alaskador on

    This guy, Locsin, must be confused. He is the representative of the Philippines to the United Nations. He should be protecting the interest of the Philippines and NOT to undermine the government.

    He should resign immediately!

  10. There are US methods of ‘disappearances’ which are more tasteful and do not invite international notice,” Locsin tweeted.

    Did this Filipino turd just call the US government a bunch of assassin’s ?

    • Yes, Are you blind?They have a brutal history of doing that for your information. Don’t pretend to be so ignorant or are you looking into a one way mirror and only see one side of a coin.

    • Mr. Teddy! if that is your view, then you should better resign as you can not relate the actual situation of the country that you have represented.
      Better Now na!! same with Ms. Leni Robredo.

  11. That is one flow of our justice system, making a law that gives, the president too much protection from prosecution, an immunity. That means he is above the law, contrary to the saying no man is above the law. This has been abused by former and by the present president. We are allowing them to get away with murder, and being made as a model, by corrupt senators and congressmen.

  12. What about the International Criminal Court? He could be arrested on one of his many trips abroad.

  13. jose b taganahan on

    That’s my guy. I salute you, Mr. Teddy “boy” Locsin, Jr. for standing against judicial killings even if it will cost you your job as Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations which was recently confirmed by the Commission on Appointments. As a son of Teodoro Locsin, Sr. i expect you to give voice of the sentiments of the silent majority of Filipinos.

    • Read it again.

      Teddy boy is just saying to use assassins and kill without notice like the US government.

      Typical Duterte appointee.

  14. jose b taganahan on

    That’s my guy. I salute you, Mr. Teddy “boy” Locsin, Jr. for standing against judicial killings even if it will cost you your job as Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations which was recently confirmed by the Commission on Appointments. As a son of Teodoro Locsin, Sr. i expect you to give voice of the sentiments of the silent majority of Filipinos.

  15. Teddy “Boy” Locsin said, “said the series of killings undermines the ‘sure economic progress’ of the next six years, which he credited to the previous Aquino administration that left a substantial amount of funds.”

    Teddy Boy, that so-called substantial amount of funds lay idle when they should have been used instead to fund our infrastructures, rehabilitate provinces ravaged by typhoon Yolanda, pump prime the Philippine economy, etc.

    • Somehow billions of the taxpayers money wound up in congressional pockets when they stole the pork barrel funds.

      Somehow none of the liberal party were charged. They were allowed to keep the kickbacks.

      40 past and present senators on the COA list
      20 on the Napoles list

      Only 3 opposition senators arrested

      Aquino protected them and De Lima refused to charge them.

      4 years and not a single one of them convicted.