• Envoy Zhao: Sun rises ‘beautifully’ on China-Philippines ties


    RELATIONS between China and the Philippines are improving “beautifully” under President Rodrigo Duterte, Beijing’s envoy said as Duterte warms to China and Russia following US criticism of his bloody war on illegal drugs.

    Ambassador Zhao Jianhua offered effusive praise for Duterte in a speech at the embassy reception for the 67th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China late Tuesday, saying Beijing “firmly supports” his anti-drugs campaign that has prompted Western condemnation of alleged extrajudicial killings.

    Duterte has rejected the criticism, including by long-time treaty ally the United States, and said he would seek closer economic ties with China and Russia.

    “The clouds are fading away. The sun is rising over the horizon and will shine beautifully on the new chapter of bilateral relations,” Zhao said according to a copy of the speech released by the Chinese embassy Wednesday.

    Zhao said Manila and Beijing had been engaging in “friendly interactions” since Duterte took office nearly three months ago.

    This was in stark contrast to fraught ties under Duterte’s predecessor Benigno Aquino 3rd, whose government lodged a case at an international tribunal in 2013 seeking to nullify Beijing’s territorial claims over most of the South China Sea.

    In July, the tribunal rejected most of China’s claims as well as its extensive island-building in disputed waters.
    Duterte has however stressed he would not risk war by enforcing the ruling, preferring quiet diplomacy to persuade China to abide by the verdict.

    Duterte has responded with abusive comments against critics of his war on crime.

    In his latest remarks late Tuesday, he accused the US of “manipulating” the peso, which hit a seven-year low to the dollar on Monday, and dared investors concerned about his crime war to leave the Philippines.

    Many market analysts said the market was spooked by the breakdown in the rule of law after Duterte’s anti-drug crackdown left more than 3,700 people dead. Rights groups claim some of them had been summarily executed.

    Zhao said Beijing would provide assistance to Manila and cooperate with the Duterte administration to jointly implement a “bilateral plan of action” to crack down on illegal drugs.

    Duterte had urged Beijing “to control their people and increase their focus on criminals” because the bulk of illegal drugs in the Philippines were allegedly sourced from China.

    “Illegal drugs are the enemy of all mankind,” Zhao said. “The Chinese side fully understands and firmly supports the Duterte administration’s policy that prioritizes the fight against drug crimes.”
    He did not elaborate on the bilateral plan against drugs.

    Zhao said China was “a staunch force in the international campaign against drug crimes” and was of the belief that “it is the shared responsibility of all countries to fight against drug-related crimes.”


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    1. Yonkers, New York
      29 September 2016

      It is understandable why Chinese ambassador Zhao should be ecstatic about the certainty that Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte who has found in Chinese President XI JINPING a good and trusted friend, will sooner rather than later align the Philippines with China and Russia as the newest COMMUNIST state.

      Most countries of the world are not too enamored of COMMUNISM, but Little Tyrant Duterte is consumed obviously by his hatred of the United States and, obviously to spite it, is now embracing China and Russia.

      What will the Philippines be like if it embraces COMMUNISM instead of Democracy?

      The perceptive Time magazine has the answer : It laments that “Night has fallen on the Philippines.” This is going to be a long dark night which will last for six years.


    2. our President is heading the right direction. We need the cooperation and support of China to eliminate drugs since as we found out most of the sources come from China. This battle is far more effective if we can get them committed to patrol their side also so that Chinese citizens could not export drugs to our country. Through this cooperation, gradually, our President can make use to resolve the territorial dispute. We cannot remain antagonistic with our neighbor China since history would prove that we are of no match and the US has been with us but looked what happened to our country. We have to balance foreign relations. I support our President 100%.

    3. You have got to be stuck on stupid to trust China for any reason.

      China floods the streets and stores in the Philippines with billion$ in cheap junk everyday for Filipino consumption. A consumption economy is always standing on ONE leg. Do you seriously think they will risk one Chinese dollar escaping due to diplomatic relations ? hahaha

      Anytime you deal with China they will have one hand on your wallet and the other hand up your old lady’s skirt.