• Epal Noy can’t hide crimes vs people


    Come to think of it, the recent discovery of over 500 sacks of rice left to rot by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Leyte merely illustrates how this government, as a whole, wastes public funds and resources.

    And, Malacañang, as well as DSWD officials, practically just shrugged off reports about the stinking matter and downplayed it as a non-issue.

    These good-for-nothing officials simply blamed some DSWD warehouse workers for the wasted National Food Authority (NFA) rice worth roughly P1 million.

    Chinese professor Yuan Longping, known developer of hybrid rice and a 2001 Magsaysay Awards winner for government service, said rice wastage should be condemned and must be considered a “crime.”

    Yuan cited the need to produce more rice to avert a crisis in the next decades and to produce a rice variety that can yield more harvests for farmers.

    And yet, negligent and incompetent DSWD personnel and officials have the nerve to waste a ton of rice!

    This state of affairs, as I’ve said, shows how Noynoy Aquino’s administration continues to be out-of-touch with the plight of the people and out-of-reach of those in dire need.

    The inutile President and the bright heads at the Palace either downplay their blunders or blame others. Noynoy also found it convenient to belie the press.

    The act of burying the rice in a pit at a remote barangay (village) in Dagami, Leyte, one of the areas hard-hit by typhoons Yolanda and Pablo in 2013, is literally an attempt to hide such crime against the calamity victims.

    Unfortunately for this administration, crimes against the people cannot be permanently hidden despite wholesale whitewash or cover-up.

    No amount of epal photo ops, as in the lavish APEC summit and latest diplomatic trips, can permanently bury the issues on massive plunder of Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds, the cry for justice of SAF 44 families, the anomalies at the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program.

    Noynoy, whom once I’ve likened to the character in the Emperor’s New Clothes, has five months more to make a fool of himself, parading his invisible “accomplishments” in tuwad na daan.

    Tuwad pa, ngoyngoy!

    Illegal vendors block fire trucks
    It is unfortunate to hear that some 1,000 families have reportedly lost their homes in a big fire that hit the Central Market area in Santa Cruz, Manila last Friday morning.

    Earlier, 500 families were rendered homeless in the same area in December last year when illegal “jumper” connections to Meralco lines triggered a fire.

    Last Friday, firefighters’ trucks from all over Metro Manila could not get close enough to the fire scene because of limited access road, aggravated by illegal structures on Sulu Street and P. Guevarra Street.

    This is exactly what we reported just two weeks ago based on complaints of some residents who were afraid that firefighters would not have access again because of illegal vendors and illegal structures that occupy the streets.

    And, that’s exactly what happened last Friday because the concerned authorities did not lift a finger to address the residents’ concern and apprehension.

    “Nagsisidatingan ang mga trak ng bumbero, pero hindi makapasok doon sa looban kasi buong kalsada sakop ng mga vendors at computer shops,” an elderly fire victim cried.

    We have called the attention of DILG Secretary Senen Mel Sarmiento, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director-General Ricardo Marquez about the invasion of illegal vendors of the streets in the area.

    But no serious action was taken by the above-named officials, so the fire that might have been put out quickly took five hours to control.

    The inaction merely substantiates reports that a daily “tong collection” is carried out by policemen, City Hall personnel and barangay men from the hundreds of illegal vendors in the area.

    * * *

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    1. There are laws to follow and should be implemented accordingly by the authorities. But as mr. Tulfo says that there is money involved here so the blame here is the law implementing agencies who took bribes and allowed this to happen.

    2. Wala LNG tong gov’t Na to Sa issue Na to…..1 million worth of rice nilibing trying to hide their kapalpakan and our people are not revolting..wow

    3. Remember the Chain of Command , that’s what BSAquino signed up for when he run for President . Now , he is running and hiding from his most important role as President for the last 5- 1/2 years.
      We are tired of his administration !

    4. Don’t you think the Sec. of the DSWD I think her name is Soliman should answer for that crime committed Mr. Tulfo?
      As long as us people will not respect our laws and law enforcers and government officials do not care what is going to happen to their fellow human being, end results are always catastrophic. How sad indeed for senseless deaths.