An epic tale of good and…dad


There’s no stopping the team behind the blockbuster Lego movies from delighting the audience once more with an all-new, big-screen event, “The Lego Ninjago Movie.”

Sharing the heart, wit, and irrepressible sense of fun that made the first two outings so unforgettable, The Lego Ninjago Movie explores another cinematic world, the fantastic, faraway island of Ninjago. It also features a new ensemble of characters and its own signature style: a fusion of state-of-the-art digital brick animation with elements of the organic world that producer Dan Lin calls “the next step in the evolution of the Lego films.”

The movies story touches on themes and values that have been the foundation of the Lego experience for generations

At the same time, the story touches on themes and values that are not only the hallmark of these films but have been the foundation of the Lego experience for generations. “It’s about family, and self-discovery,” says Bean, citing the central conflict between the young ninja Lloyd, dedicated to protecting Ninjago City, and his father, Garmadon, who is constantly attacking it.

“Even though it’s played out on an epic scale, it’s an intimate story centered on this father and son. They are at odds with each other for many reasons, beyond the fact that one is a hero and one is a villain. Lloyd feels he missed out on having his father in his life.”

The story calls upon Lloyd and his fellow ninjas to look within, to find their own true strengths and talents, and their inner… piece.

“These are modern kids and they’re obsessed with technology, like all of us,” says Bean. “Their teacher, Master Wu, is trying to instill in them the fundamentals of what it really means to be a ninja, but they’d rather fight with loud, shiny mechs. He’s trying to teach them that mechs get destroyed and technology can let you down.


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