Erap and PacMania


ERAP marked his 78th birth anniversary last Sunday. In Solaire, whose grand ballroom had the air of a miting de avance; for his Restoration? This fantasy he won’t admit, at this time, anyway.

The US Ambassador was there, along with Volts Gazmin, Chavit Singson, Ferdie Topacio, and many, many others in a polka-dot gathering.

Veep Jojobama and wifey Elenita arrived; had Erap spoken of Restoration, Jojobama may have gone catatonic. You call him Mr. Prez and his eyes moisten or inundate, even. There was food galore, festive bonhomie atmosphere, and in the end, very late, ballroom dancexercising, for which I had gone talaga lang. Erap and Loi boogied. I went home at one a.m. I was told the bash ended at four and that The Man stayed till the end.

One man who could not be invited, and come, was Manny Pacquiao. I do not join the PacMan-ia. Nope, I am not watching the upcoming Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

I have loved sports all my life and became a boxing fan early on. But, accounts of the death of Jimmy Doyle in June 1947, killed in the ring by Sugar Ray Robinson, and the commercial overload, beginning with the June 1988 Spinks-Tyson match, turned me off from what W.O. McGeehan called the Manly Art of Modified Murder. Last month Pinoy boxer John Vincent Moralde killed Down Under law senior Braydon Smith.

Pro boxing’s clear intent is to hurt a fellow human being. For money. So, as a Christian human rights advocate, I am not joining those in the Colosseum watching the gladiators telling the Emperor, “We, who are about to die, salute you. Morituri, te salutamus.”

I have been critical of Manny. If he had focused on boxing, I would have left him alone, adored by millions because he has billions, and therefore, in our crassly materialistic society, a man of respect.

But, to me, he has disgraced the House (he was recently spotted in the House, but the one he visited was that in the US) and the PBA, two hallowed institutions. Next year, the Senate (where I once toiled) and in 2022 Malacanang (?).

Has he received too many hard blows in the head?

I do not underrate anyone’s capacity for change and subjective growth. But, Manny should quit boxing now and start serving as Cong, and preparing for the Senate in 2016 and the whole enchilada in 2022.

He leads all names in the BIR’s tax evasion list; it says he owes the people P3.90B! Only one paper has apparently reported this vignette, given the PacMania. His Harvard Law cum laude adviser, Bob Arum, said the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) papers were sent here in November 2013. By snail mail?

Why doesn’t Manny insist on fighting in Manila so Kim Henares can collect for our people? Why favor the IRS? If we had Ali-Frazier in 1975, why not Manny in the Iglesia ni Cristo’s Philippine Arena (assuming the INC does not find boxing unChristian)?

Good luck to Manny and Floyd, that they may not get hurt the way some Cauliflower Row derelicts have been. Good luck to Manny in his political plans provided. . . .
K, will B-Day-Boy Erap run again in 2016 for the whole enchilada? There is language in the Constitution banning a reelection but the Constitution is what the Supreme Court says it is.

100M+ rabbits we have be to ready to take care of Erap, FVR, Manuel Roxas and Manuel Quezon, unlike PNoy, are said to have done their share to breed rabbits.

Italy, the New York Times reported this week, “is a dying country,” per its Health Minister last February. Germany, Greece, Denmark, Russia and Japan fret about replacement rates. Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew pled with native Singaporeans, who ape childless PNoy, to make babies. No honey, no baby.

Erap, who has gone forth and multiplied, asks for house arrest for GMA. I join him. Also, for Manong JPE. But, we have to ask Mike Arroyo and Manang Cristina for their comment or reaction. I think it was Erap who asked me in 2001, “Pag house arrest ba, can I select which house?” Susmaryosep!

Geezers many of us were in attendance last Sunday. I saw Ninez Cacho-Olivares and like the other women there, she didn’t look a day above 50. The following day, I saw in a government building, Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA). Why not Office of Senior Citizens Concerns (OSCC)? Senior citizens affairs are decidedly not the government’s business.

Remember when we had the National Disaster Coordinating Council? Now it is more felicitously known as the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

From the reportage, politicians need such an agency. Rod Valencia was at Solaire last Sunday. Convicted, over the sum of P2.5M, it seems his defense was that in an emergency, one may bypass formal requirements to aid victims. He can file a motion for reconsideration and then go to the Supreme Court, which should not issue a general proposition as in the case of the Binays. Giving the Ombudsman the power to suspend for six months of a three-year term seems extreme. I first wrote about the Office in 1967 in the San Beda Law Journal and have been a student of the Scandinavian concept since.

If a Mayor is a boxer and is often away for bouts and he is charged with neglect of office, his reelection should wipe out the administrative offense. That should remain good law, particularly if the wife is the vice mayor anyway. No, general propositions do not decide concrete cases -Holmes. No lawyer should be berated for citing case law.

Cool lang po, Madame CJ. We love ya.

Lo cortes no quita lo valiente.


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  1. Dan Balantakbo on

    The senator may have presaged this fight with intense battering from Money. The congressman can after this attend congress in wheels.Or not at all.

  2. I can understand your annoyance, peeve, disgust, obsesssion with Paquiao as a congressman. But I can’t understand your continued silence on the performance of the Pee in both houses- is there a difference between the 2?

  3. Venerando Desales on

    I was dumbfounded to have heard Manny in one TV interview a month or two ago saying he wanted to be glorified in this fight. This is self idolatry. He is actually promoting the love of money as the only means of security. In sports, the marketing strategy is to garner big audiencies which means more profit! Adversaries often conspire each other to attract more crowd, such that if it had reached profitable number, they go for the bout. Mayweather had been refusing to fight Manny. That was a strategem that only made the aficionados curious and excited. Manny decided that the number has been reached, then cajoled Mayweather that the time to fight is now. Manny should had heeded the advice of his mother to quit boxing. He had long overcame his poverty. He is already financially secured! I think he reached the point of deviation from trajectory. Learning when to stop is a virtue for gamblers and victors. Those who do not know when to stop are really losers. What is the use of his billions if he becomes incapacitated? Look at Ali and Freddie Roach and others? Their brains were all affected!

  4. I just thank Senator Saguisag for not talking and showing his dislike for the Pacman until the May 2 fight is done. And again, his bais for the Pacman has become a venum in his own brain that nobody in the whole world will ever be affected because the Pacmania has become an antidote on his self tirade. Why don’t the former Senator go out of the Street of Metro Manila on May 2, the day of the fight ,and let us see who will look wierd or an alien to our people who needs a little break from all the scandals happening around us. You are free to have your ballroom along our street because they will be empty from motorist on this historical day!!! cause nobody will watch you anyway. Oo!!! yes who knows you will be discovered on the television program” Dancing with the Stars” so there will be another May 2 for the Filipinos to watch….

  5. adam_d_langgam on

    “manny disgraced the house” …. according dito ke saguisag. pero walang nakitang mali ke estrada na convicted. ewan …… “restoration” pa nga daw para ke erap. excuse me. only fools still believe this old buffoon. sa bagay, based sa sinulat ni saguisag, dami nilang fools na andoon sa birthday ni estrada.

    • go back to the article, Atty. Saguisag did not said Erap should be restored, he mentioned that restoration is the talk of the people around Erap, a fantasy which Erap still do not admit as of the moment.

      Saguisag served as lawyer for Erap when Erap can no longer afford to pay a lawyer. And he defended Erap within the bounds of law.

  6. Cres Malifier on

    Okay ka pa rin sa amin, Senator Saguisag. But you dismay us for not finding anything wrong with the illegal Comelec-Smartmatic-PCOS machines contracts from the beginning with Melo and made worse under Brillantes, encouraged by BS Aquino’s support.