• Erap as Binay’s VP in 2016?


    A Jojo-Joseph tandem in 2016 is an idea that has tickled the fancy of Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay.

    The presumptive opposition standard-bearer himself floated the possibility while speaking to reporters in Biliran province on Friday.

    “Hindi na Erap-Binay, Binay-Erap na [It’s no longer Erap-Binay, it’s now Binay-Erap],” the Vice President said.

    “Ang tawag doon, BEST. Alam mo ano ang ‘BEST’? Binay-Estrada [The tandem is called BEST. Do you know what’s BEST? It’s Binay-Estrada],” he replied when asked if there is a possibility that their 2010 tandem could be reprised.

    Erap and Estrada refer to deposed President Joseph Estrada, now mayor of Manila, who was Binay’s running mate in the 2010 elections. Estrada was elected President in 1998 and was impeached in 2000 and subsequently forced out of power while his impeachment trial was ongoing in January 2001. He made a third run for the presidency in 2010 where he placed 2nd to then-senator Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Binay made the statement after reporters incessantly pressed him to comment on The Standard column of journalist Tony Lopez where it was reported that Estrada “had surprise lunch guests at his Polk Street, Greenhills residence” in San Juan City (Metro Manila).

    It was there where Binay apparently made the initial declaration that he and Estrada were “the BEST” and that “BEST stands for Binay-Estrada.”

    “Binay is desperate for a running mate. He offered the vice presidency to Sen. Grace Poe. She declined. She offered the vice presidency to [Davao City Mayor Rodrigo] Duterte. He declined. Poe and Duterte want to be President, not Vice President,” Lopez said as he analyzed what Binay purportedly declared.

    When asked if Estrada has approved of their tandem, Binay said, “Sa tingin ko [I think so].”

    “We have a search committee that is looking for somebody to serve as my running mate,” he added.


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    1. These two crooks remain thirsty of power and greed. Binay hopelessly look for a VP. Only a crook like him will join the ticket. What a joke!

    2. Salamat po sa mga kababayan na hindi naniniwala kay Binay,Erap.Let’s continue to expose these people.

    3. We are in democratic country. But pakiusap lang na sana wag na wag na nating iboto itong dalawang big thiefs of our country. Never , never vote these 2 people. we will campaign hard at netizens even ZERO for the liberal party… remember Mr. Joseph Estrada forged the signature of Mr. Vidal to take the money from BDO amount of PHP500,000.00 . Imagine kung gaano kahudas ang taong ito…

    4. Migs Doromal on

      At least ERAP will torpedoe all these BBL bulls@it if he sets foot in Malacanang again.

      It was only during ERAP’s watch that all the MILF camps were captured by government forces after a NO NONSENSE all out war policy to drive these terrorists out of their lairs.

    5. Repost—-

      Kindly Add and Share sa Facebook —- NETIZENS’ COALITION AGAINST BINAY !! —— …ito ung profile name at pinaka ACTIVE ngayon sa Facebook na Online Campaign Against Binay at nasa 15 Thousand Members na and counting .. .. Kahit sa kunting paraan makatulong naman tayo sa ating Bayan –sa pag Abot at pag Educate sa mga mas NAKARARAMING NETIZENS at kanilang mga KAPAMILYA ,KASAMBAHAY,Kaibigan ,Ksamahan etc.. Against sa Corrupt na mga BINAY ! ..pag may ACTION ngayon ! Mas malaki ang chance na HINDI MANALO pagka PRESIDENTE si Binay sa 2016…kasi pag Manalo si Binay! na corrupt..100% chance na ” IBINTA “ang Philipines sa CHINA kapalit ng malaking PERA para sa Kanyang pangsariling interest …Kawawa naman ang Kinabukasan na mga anak natin nyan…

    6. Simon Deguzman on

      Wake up Kababayans, These corrupt officials think that they can always sway voters by giving them money or any other means of help. Yes they have money to pay you but thats our money that they stole from us. Take it and dont even vote for them. We voters are smart enough to choose the right officials to continue what President Aquino has started. Let’s send a good message that money cant buy your vote anymore.
      Actually, we need to send this corrupt officials to jail for good. That’s what they deserve.

    7. rene catalasan on

      Binay and Estrada tandem for president and vice president, respectively.
      That’s a good combination so that the general public can put these corrupt politicians to oblivion forever.
      Bistado na sila ng mga depraved- educated masses.

    8. P.Akialamiro on

      What a big joke; an accused ‘corrupt’ and having a ‘dynasty’, partnered with a convicted plunderer?

      You are tooling the Filipino people!

    9. Binay Estrada Super Thieves. Malamang ploy lang ito ni Binay for publicity. O kaya para mapagtakpan na walang gustong maging running mate siya.

    10. Erap is a convicted felon, convicted of plunder and driven out of office!!

      Now he wants to be running for the highest office again? Are we Filipinos that STUPID to allow him and to vote for him?

      And Binay– He has not answered yet the accusations of corruption !! I believe he is guilty.

      What kind of government officials are we getting? Are there any better candidates we can choose from?

    11. Felimon A. Soria on

      I wonder what kind of voters Filipinos are ? Are Filipinos really ready to have a president accused of corruption and a vice president convicted and later pardoned for plunder? On the other hand, are Filipinos also ready to have a president who renounced her allegiance to the Republic and will fight her if necessary and apparently renounced the US citizenship so she can become a president? When is she going to make up her mind.
      We have so many good, qualified, well bread, well educated no nonsense Filipinos like Duterte, Lacson, Teodoro, Gordon, Roxas to name a few and here we are fixated with a Senator who just happened to carefully select her words while in the senate to lead the country and a Vice President who is accused of corruption.

    12. This is a MOCKERY to the Filipino intelligence. Binay going to that level hopefully to get the vote of the (sadly, the majority) ignorant poor? Common people, Estrada was thrown out of Malacanang Palace for gross corruption. He distributed favors and money to his cronies and mistresses. I’m so disappointed, many of us have the memory capacity of a fish (which lasts 2 seconds; proof-you can hook the same fish after busting its lips with the same hook). Now, I have second thoughts about acquiring dual citizenship.

    13. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Mga kababayan, please pray to God to save the Philippines from the plunderers most especially the Binay family. What’s happening to this country? Do we Filipinos tolerate these government officials who are plunderers?