• Erap asks SC not to oust him as mayor of Manila


    Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada on Thursday pleaded before the Supreme Court (SC) not to unseat him as the incumbent mayor of the city of Manila.

    In a memorandum dated June 6, 2014, Estrada, through his lawyers George Erwin Garcia and Dean Pacifico Agabin, said the petition filed by his opponent, former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, and Lim’s lawyer Alicia Risos-Vidal must be junked for lack of merit.

    According to him, his civil and political rights were restored when he was pardoned by then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on October 25, 2007.

    The former president urged the High Court to rule in his favor, citing a resolution of the Commission on Elections proclaiming him qualified to run a public office. The Comelec, in fact, has proclaimed him the duly winner in the 2013 polls.

    Estrada insisted that he is allowed by law to run anew for any public office despite his conviction to a plunder case.

    He asked the High Court to allow his prayer for oral arguments in order to clarify factual issues involved in his case.

    Estrada argued that “the dismissal of the instant petition [of Lim and Vidal]is mandatory if not inevitable under the circumstances. After all, the findings and conclusions of the public respondent Comelec were based on the evidence on record and the prevailing laws, rules and jurisprudential doctrines on pardon and its consequent effects on the eligibility of private respondent Estrada.”

    He said no grave abuse of discretion was shown by the poll body in deeming him qualified to run for mayor of Manila.

    Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada has filed a motion asking the Supreme Court to junk the petition disqualifying him in the 2013 mayoral elections.


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    1. Hopefully the SC will not be coy of Estrada’s moves and decide in finality that Erap is not illegible to run for any position. The SC must not follow the mistake of the Comelec who was intimidated by Erap to allow him to run for the Presidency on 2010 and as Mayor of Manila even if he is not qualified. SC must never be intimidated even by forces within.