Erap: ‘I would have buried Marcos’


MANILA Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada said he would have buried the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani when he was president, but wasn’t able to do so because his term was cut short.

Estrada said that when he was president, he had finalized plans with the Marcos family to bury the late president at the Libingan.

Like Marcos in 1986, Estrada was ousted by a “people power” uprising on EDSA in 2001.

Estrada urged anti-Marcos protesters to stop their rallies, saying they were just wasting their time.

He gave the advise despite allowing the so-called “Black Friday” rallies that saw hundreds of protesters against the November 18 Marcos burial converge in various locations in Manila and several provinces.

“They’re just wasting their time. Instead they should look for…how they can help build our country,” he said.

“He (Marcos) is already dead. He’s dead. And as Christians, we have no authority anymore to judge a dead person,” he added.

He said he allowed anti-Marcos groups to stage street demonstrations in Manila even without rally permits, only because it was directed by President Rodrigo Duterte, who allowed the Marcos interment.

In August, Estrada said he was in favor of Marcos’ burial at the Libingan, saying Filipinos should learn to move on and respect the dead.

During Marcos’ reign, Estrada was mayor of San Juan from 1969 until the 1986 revolt that ousted the late dictator.

When Corazon Aquino assumed the presidency in 1986, all elected officials of the local government, including Estrada, were removed and replaced by appointed officers in charge.


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  1. mabait na pinoy on

    Erap was the BIGGEST THIEF during his time and until now, his clan, his wives, and associates are living comfortably at the expense of the Filipino people. The Social Security Fund alone, amounting to Billions of Pesos was illegally taken by Erap and invested to something during his Presidency. The investment did not prosper but he was able to get a commission of 500 Million Pesos in this scheme. Why his Senator Son Victor, have so much money deposited in offshore bank, in Panama? I am sure fairly educated Filipinos have heard the “Panama Papers” before. Governor Marcos and her Sons have accounts there as well, and before anybody can open an account there, one must meet the minimum deposit requirements, and it will be in Millions of U.S. Dollars, not couple or few millions of U.S.Dollars. To sum up, these politicians DID NOT break sweat with their money, but those money were once belonged to the Filipino people. Being in Politics is the easiest way to get rich, and this is the reason why Erap is still in, even though he could hardly talk and walk. Presently, he is busy kissing PDU30’s arse, hoping for Jinggoy to get Presidential Pardon before DU30 leaves office.

  2. “Before destruction, a man’s heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor” Proverbs 18:12

    When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. Proverbs 11:2

    Mayor Erap is humble and right– THE LORD, the giver of life has laid H.E.P. FEM to rest,
    why, these self-righteous persons must have a higher standard of justice than their MAKER–THE GOD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AND WITHOUT INJUSTICE !!!!!

    May THE LORD, THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, THE GIVER OF LIFE give more good health, and a longer life , and heavenly wisdom and knowledge to H.E.P. & Mayor ERAP!

    • Trisha , maybe Mr. Rene Saguisag should now “exhume” the body of his father-in-law and bury it somewhere else , as per wish of his late wife (Ma’am Dulce) … what do you think ?

  3. Ferdinand Concepcion on

    yes. the supreme court had spoken. those protesting should realize that.
    all should respect the rule of law. if the court had ruled in their favor then theyll praise the court and tell the marcos supporters to respect the law.

  4. Who is the dictator? the one who declared martial law based on the constitution, or the one who declared the constitution abolished and established a revolutionary government without a constitution? removed all elected officials and replaced them with appointed, tell us who’s the dictator.