Erap clears Blumentritt of vendors


Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada led another road clearing operations Tuesday morning along the traffic-plagued stretch of Blumentritt Road from Rizal Avenue to Aurora Boulevard and ejected 600 illegal vendors. The raid came less than a week after Estrada led an extensive clearing operation in Divisoria, where 2,000 illegal vendors were driven away and hundreds of illegal stalls and other traffic-causing structures were dismantled and taken away. Aside from Blumentritt, the nearby side streets – Oroquieta, Felix Huertas, and P. Guevarra – were also cleared, according to Che Borromeo, head of Task Force Manila Cleanup. Borromeo added that vendors are allowed to operate on the side streets of Blumentritt as long as they do not block the traffic flow.


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  1. This is good – clearing operations to ease vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow along the roads and the sidewwalks. My only comment is that the Mayor had to be personally present to effect the clearing operations. Why? Can’t the city hall employees plan, organize and do oit themselves? Clearing operations should be done everyday and everywhere, even w/o the Mayor! There are laws about “public spaces” not being used for the “commerce of Man” (he National Building Code). All the employess, under the Office of the Building Official (OBO) had to do is do his job!