Erap lags in mayoral survey


IF the elections were held this month, former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada will not be re¬elected as Manila mayor, according to the latest survey.

The survey commissioned by a member of the Liberal Party (LP) who asked not to be identified said Manila voters prefer Fifth District Rep. Amado Bagatsing as mayor.

The poll showed that 32 percent of the 1,500 respondents favored Bagatsing, 24 percent chose former mayor Alfredo Lim, 22 percent said they would go for Estrada, and eight percent sided with Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) College of Law Dean Gemy Lito Festin said it is not surprising that Lim, Estrada, and Moreno got lower ratings because of the issues they are currently facing. These issues include poverty in the city, the controversial Torre de Manila condominium, privatization of public markets, and the anti-poor policy in city-owned hospitals.

“It is quite normal to receive such reactions. The results of the survey convey that the residents of Manila are fed up, as they feel that the promises made by the former and the current administrations were just disregarded, if not broken. They are looking for a new candidate who can inspire them to hope, one who can address the needs of the city and its residents. And they have faith that Congressman Amado Bagatsing can better deliver them,” Festin said.

A City Hall employee said many Manilans want better services.

“Congressman Bagatsing provides free hospitalization, free medicines, free laboratory, scholarships, and sports programs for the youth and livelihood even in his capacity as a district solon. He is seen as the leader who could propel Manila to new heights and regain the honor as the country’s premier city in progress and development,” she explained.


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  1. much more backward than forward under your administration. you two put manila city back to 3RD class. SHAME ON YOU !!

  2. much more backward than forward under your administration. you two put manila city back to 3RD class. SHAME ON YOU !! all sidewalk and street occuppied by street vendors, more street now closed because of illegal vendors,

  3. broken promised puro photo shoot lang, palpak ang administration mo, magretire nalang kayo dalawa enough is enough,

  4. so many side walk vendors occupy street sidewalk, bunch of policemen stand in corner victimized car owner, high business tax, high real estates tax, total failure much more side car, tricycles in street one term for erap and moreno only

  5. What do you expect from a Looney LP survey…..erap can even aspire to be president again if we compare his performance with those whose intentions are known already… in a 3-cornered-fight vs. Binay and Roxas….erap will win with a landslide vote…. if poe happens to clear her citizenship and enter the picture…. the more erap will garner more votes…..that’s how popular he is right now…….

  6. It seems that Manilenos still cannot distinguish the function of a mayor, vice mayor, congressional representatives and others as evidenced by the statement of the City Hall employee.

    Also, I still remember that it was during the time of the Bagatsings that Manila lost its glory. What’s his plan for Manila by the way? How different will it be from the plans of Erap and Lim?

  7. Besides, Erap should now retire. Do not worry. History will be kind to you. You have more than done your share of leading, and misleading a lot too. Give others the chance to serve and make Manila great again.

  8. ERAP this is your last terms as Mayor ! gising na ang mga tiga Manila. Your a liar and convicted plunderer ! Latest Survey in lag behind !