• Erap: Let Torre continue


    IF deposed president and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada had his way, he would let the controversial Torre de Manila building project to continue.
    Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Estrada said the high-rise property, which conservationists claim ruins the vista of the Rizal monument, would bring in more money to City Hall through taxes.
    “As [local]chief executive, I want it there instead of being demolished. We want business,” he added.
    The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) stopping DMCI Homes from continuing with the 49-storey tower.
    DMCI Homes, in a statement, said it will immediately comply with the TRO.
    “DMCI Homes is studying its remedies in light of the TRO, including a motion to lift as soon as possible so as not to compromise our completion target and protect the interest of our condominium unit buyers. … We will vigorously pursue all legal remedies to obtain a fair and just resolution of the issues raised about the Torre de Manila project,” a company statement said.


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    1. Some people are simply ignorant if not bird-brained. France did not become impoverished after banning the construction of any taller structure around the Eiffel Tower in Paris. England would probably execute any smart Alec who would replace Big Ben in London with a giant electronic clock. Vigan would lose its income from tourism if it decides to demolish its vintage Spanish heritage homes with modern apartments and buildings. People who do not understand why all these are saved and protected belong to the same class of people who vote nincompoops in office.

    2. Felimon A. Soria on

      I fully agree with Mayor Estrada. Why do you have to sacrifice the taxes that will enrich the coffers of the city, the workers that will be out of work, those who invested their hard earned money in a unit and the stockholders of the DCMI just because the building mars the view a statue.
      To the so called conservationists: stop being pious and do something that can help peoples lives.