• Erap OKs P7.4B bay reclamation project


    Saying it will provide solutions to a lot of problems in Manila, Mayor Joseph Estrada signed a joint-venture agreement with a construction conglomerate for a massive reclamation project in Manila Bay.

    Under the agreement, R-II Builders, Inc. will reclaim 50 hectares of land and give 15 hectares to the city government. The project will cost P7.4-billion.

    Estrada said the expansion will redound to huge revenues for the city and thousands of jobs for residents. It will also solve the perennial problem of congestion in the city’s seaports, particularly at the Manila North Harbor.

    “At no cost to the city government, this project will bring about the much-needed realty and corporate income taxes, and of course, thousands of jobs and business opportunities for the Manileños,” Estrada said.

    The project will expand the reclaimed land operated by Harbour Centre Port Terminal, Inc.

    Under the joint venture agreement with R-II Builders, Inc., Manila will be appropriated with a 15-hectare portion of the soon-to-be-reclaimed area, which the city government planns to develop as a new industrial complex.

    Reghis Romero, chairman of R-II Builders, said the 50 hectares to be reclaimed is at the westernmost end of the Manila North Harbour Centre. Phase 1 and 2 of the reclamation and construction works will be completed in two years.

    With the expansion of the North Harbor further out to sea, the existing port facility will now be able to handle larger vessels, reducing the cost of, and speeding the process of cargo handling, Romero said.


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    1. Alfredo Aquino on

      Since this will be a reclaimed area, why don’t they make a low cost housing project and relocate the city’s poor especially the squatters. This is in order to make Manila a wholesome and clean city for the locals and tourists alike. By providing these squatters a decent home, our esteros will be free from garbage that causes floodings during rainy season.

    2. Before The City of Manila allows RII to go into another government project, Mayor Erap should insist that RII restore the Paco train station that they destroyed. That mid rise housing that they built along SLEX is the worst idea for a housing project ever. Dinamay pa nila yung historic Paco station. And now this reclamation project. It will only worsen flooding in Manila. For sure the land elevation they are planning will be higher that the existing na halos pantay na sa sea level. Think about it Mayor Estrada. Wag puro pera…Erap…pera..

    3. Traffic in Metro Manila will be worst check the heavy traffic even at 1:00 Am at intersection of Legarda & Nagtahan bridge

    4. I thought the strategy to decongest Metro Manila streets is to shift port operations from Manila to Batangas City? The expansion of North Harbor will generate new, additional, and heavy vehicle traffic to/from the NOrth Harbor. This must be looked into.