• Erap tells teachers: Be agents of peace


    Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada on Tuesday met awith public school teachers and urged them to be agents of peace building in support of the government’s war against criminality and terrorism

    Estrada said teachers not only hone the skills of the youth but also inculcate in their young minds the value of keeping peace and abhorring any form of conflict.

    “Today, as our country moves forward under a new administration, it is important for all our citizens to be part of a national movement that is working to win peace in our time, and in that of our children and all the generations that come after,” he told a forum on “The Struggle for Just and Lasting Peace” organized by the Manila Public School Teachers Association (MPSTA) and held at City Hall on Tuesday.

    “I extend my personal hopes that this forum will help bring us all closer to achieving a true and lasting peace for our country,” the mayor said.

    Estrada has been actively supporting the campaign against drugs, criminality and terrorism, including the annihilation of the kidnap-for-ransom Abu Sayyaf Group, after a recent deadly bombing in Davao City.

    “They excel as educators, as advocates for students and teachers rights and welfare, and as responsible citizens doing their share for the cause of peace,” he said.


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