Erap to Lim: Retire from govt service


Manila mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada advised his nemesis, former mayor Alfredo Lim, to retire from government service because he has been rejected by the majority of Mañilenos.

Estrada made the comment after Lim said that he will file a poll protest against Estrada.

Lim complained that Estrada abruptly took the lead in the mayoralty race when in fact he dominated the counting from the very beginning.

Estrada was proclaimed winner by the Commission on Election (Comelec) after getting 283,149 votes. Lim had 280,464 votes.

Lim was the mayor of Manila from 1992 to 1998 and from 2007 to 2013. He was defeated by Estrada in the 2013 elections by more than 24,000 votes.

Estrada pointed out that the Manileños preferred him over Lim.

“They chose me in 2013 as their mayor. And they chose me again now to lead the Capital City for the next three years. [It means] the people still trust me. They reelected me,” he said.
“All I’m saying is thank you very much. Salamat sa lahat ng tumangkilik sa ‘kin at nagbigay sa akin ng pagtitiwala. Asahan niyo na dodoblehin ko ang lahat ng magagawa ko para sa ikauunlad ng lungsod ng Maynila [Thank you to all who voted me and who trusted me. I will do better for the development of the city of Manila],” he added.

Estrada said his neck-and-neck battle with Lim was “very exciting.”


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  1. Asungot T. Delacruz on

    Filing a poll protest is like doing something what other countries termed as “SAVING FACE” because a defeated candidate cannot accept the fact that he is defeated. I believe that Mr. Lim is too old, and he is no longer balanced, mentally. He claims that he was ahead at the beginning of counting and abruptly overtaken, and as a result, he lost the election. He did not indicate that he was cheated, and therefore, the COMELEC cannot do any type of action because, he did not indicate any basis of his claims. Overtaken Abruptly cannot stand as a basis of your protest, Mr. Lim.