ERC OKs three electric meters


The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has approved three new types of electric watt-hour meter products to be used in revenue metering by distribution utilities (DUs) and redistributors all over the country.

The approved meter types, which can now be marketed to DUs for their revenue metering needs, are the METRIX Type MTX12S, 15(100) A, 240 volts (V), single phase, 2 watts (W); INTECH Type HXE12S, 15(100) A, 240 V, single phase, 2W; and METRIX Type MTX12S, 30(200) A, 240 V, single phase, 3W.

These applications are in line with an ERC’s resolution on meter products to be used in revenue metering by DUs and redistributors, which became effective in December 2010.

“The ERC, through the strict enforcement of requirements provided in the rules and independent accuracy tests, ensures the public of electric watt-hour meters that are accurate, safe and of high quality,” ERC Chairperson Zenaida Cruz-Ducut said.

The approved types of meter products are from Silicon Electrical Supply Inc. and Enex Electric Phils. Inc. The meter products are manufactured and were tested in China.

Both Silicon and Enex will be issued with a certificate of approval to signify that their meter types are eligible for use in revenue metering.

ERC cited that these firms are permitted to place a marker or sticker of the ERC logo on the nameplates of their new types of meter products. he said meter types will also be posted in the roster of approved electric watt-hour meter products found on the commission’s website.

Silicon applied for type approval in February 2012 while Enex applied in November 2012.


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