• ERC works double time to address backlog


    The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is working double time in a bid to address the agency’s backlog.

    The ERC was reorganized upon the entry of newly appointed chairman Jose Vicente B. Salazar.

    Salazar said that during his first few days at the ERC, the commission has already decided 15 pending cases.

    “We decided no less than 15 cases. We started at 9 a.m. and we ended at 3 p.m.,” said Salazar.

    Salazar said that the ERC targets to hear and decide an average of 15 cases a day.
    The ERC chair said that the agency needs to speed up the resolution of pending cases in order to address the backlog.

    Salazar lauded the competence and dedication of the new panel members which should help speed up the hearing and adjudication of pending cases.

    “The dedication is there, the competence. They are very much competent, and even more competent than the chair,” he added.

    Besides Salazar, the board is composed of Commissioners Gloria Victoria Yap-Taruc, Josefina Patricia Asirit, Alfredo Non, and Geronimo Sta. Ana.

    The commissioners vowed to adopt a unified vision and perspective in addressing the needs and demands of the power industry and in strengthening the ERC.

    “I think we bring in some fresh perspective because we did not start from zero,” said Salazar.

    Salazar earlier assured that the ERC will be fair and transparent in its investigation into the cases filed before it.

    “If we maintain those attributes then we’ll be able to arrive at a decision that would be acceptable to the consuming public and even the industry players,” he said.

    The board is currently investigating the alleged collusion among energy players that resulted in a sharp rise in power rates in 2013.


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