Erice, crony should face raps for illegal mining


While Noynoy Aquino desperately tries to convince Sen. Grace Poe to use the “FPJ magic” to help recoup lost public trust and confidence for the ruling Liberal Party and stay in power after the May 2016, the President’s cronies are busy setting up a well-oiled election campaign.

Whether Noynoy is having Poe run as the administration’s “guest standard bearer”–no matter how ridiculous it sounds—or having DILG Sec. Roxas slide down again as vice president, what they imagine as an “unbeatable tandem” is assured of outpouring campaign funds.

Noynoy’s rabid supporter, House Representative Edgar Erice of Caloocan City, is one the LP leaders who are seeing to it that their campaign booty is swamped with cold cash.

Erice, a member of LP’s national executive committee, is also known as a “godfather” or protector of a group of erring mining companies including those owned by businessman Francis Enrico “Eric” Gutierrez.

Through Erice, Noynoy and Roxas received generous funding from the filthy rich Gutierrez and his business partners during the campaigning for the 2010 elections.

Erice had also admitted being a shareholder in Gutierrez’ SR Metal Inc. (SRMI) and its subsidiaries San R Mining and Construction Corp. and Galeo Equipment and Mining Company, Inc. which have been the subject of complaints of residents in Agusan Del Norte town of Tubay.

The Caloocan City representative continues to be a director of SRMI, according to Congress website.

Gutierrez’ mining companies were found to have violated the conditions of their small-scale mining permits since 2005, limiting each firm’s extraction of nickel ore to 50,000 metric tons annually.

According to the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), which led a “multi-disciplinary” environmental audit of several Tubay barangays, the mining companies have depleted the mineral deposits by excessively extracting up to two millions of nickel ores every year.

The gross violations apparently have continued and gotten worse since 2010 with the protection of Erice and Noynoy’s blessings.

The Caloocan City congressman has done well being “Mr. Fixit” for Gutierrez in his troubles with the tribal residents and local officials of Tubay.

In 2012, the Court of Appeals (CA) ruled that the Gutierrez mining group violated the conditions of their mining permit, in addition to causing detrimental effects on the environment as substantiated by the MGB.

Consequently in June last year, the Supreme Court affirmed CA’s ruling, dismissing SRMI’s appeal.

But after almost a year since the high court’s decision, no penalties or sanctions have been enforced against Gutierrez or his mining firms which enjoy the backing of no less than the President.

Tribal leaders and town officials of Tubay, Agusan Del Norte have reason to believe godfather and Mr. Fixit Erice has something to do with Gutierrez and his companies getting off the hook.

Erice, as well as Gutierrez, should be facing raps by now!

Mga lapastangan!

* * *

Laguna Gov. Hernandez a couch potato?

Eleven long months since taking over the provincial capital, Laguna Governor , Ramil Hernandez has so far failed to prove his worth.

It will be recalled that Hernandez assumed office after former governor ER Ejercito was disqualified from office by the Commission on Election for “overspending” during his campaign in the last elections.

Laguna residents have increasingly complained Hernandez has made no significant improvement in public services in support of the provincial cities and towns, except for the ostentatious repainting and putting his name on the multi-cabs purchased during Ejercito’s tenure.

Worse, criminal incidence has gone up including the widespread illegal gambling operations throughout the province to which Hernandez has turned a blind eye to, according to concerned constituents.

In an interview over Radyo 5 last Friday, Hernandez bragged that he has built several school buildings.

Well, we would be glad to verify that with the Department of Education.

He also touted his road-building projects.

I hope he is not referring to the “ghost projects” and unfinished farm-to-market road constructions.

If Hernandez really has indeed accomplished those like he says, then why are there mounting complaints over his laziness?

It behooves Hernandez to start working since election is around the corner.

He might just find himself unemployed after 2016 if he continues to a couch potato.



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  1. Ralph Dollente on

    Bravo Matuwid na Daan! Erice was also the brains behind the campaign for another term for Aquino. LP allies like Erice, Abad and Abaya are immune from Daang Matuwid, It is the gross and unpinished violations of people like Erice’s ‘small-scale’ mining companies that paint the entire mining industry in broad, black marks, prompting the MICC revenue plan which the industry leaders here and abroad agree will kill mining in the Philippines. And when the responsible mining companies finally fold due to excessively heavy taxation, guess who’s going to have the entire playing field to himself? Erice The Beast.

  2. Yes. Parang sumusupsup ng kuhol kung makasipsip kay AbNoy yan. Wait na lng pag nawala na ang KUHOL nya, hehehe. Nasarapan ng husto sa pork aDAP ni AbNoy at Abad kaya kapit tuko at sipsip kumunoy hehehe…