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    At 28 years old, Erika Liboro-Baclao can safely say that she has lived life to the fullest. She has been a beauty queen, a courtside reporter, a TV host, a model, a flight attendant and a professional make-up artist while completing a degree in Special Education from Arellano University.

    Truly, no resume sparkles more than Erika’s but today life has definitely slowed down for her having married former Ateneo Blue Eagle, now Alaska Aces player Noy Baclao and giving birth to her almost one year old son, Sol.

    For the first year, Erika focused on being a wife and a mom, “Being a wife and a mom became the top priority for me. I can definitely say that I am now a full-pledged mother.”

    When asked if she had difficulty transitioning from her former fast-paced lifestyle into motherhood, she responds,
    “My mom really helped in guiding me to be the best wife and mom I can be.”

    Through her mom’s guidance, Erika was able to successfully transition from one chapter of her life to another. Having been a career woman her entire life, Erika strived to do something from home, “After a while, I wanted a business that can adjust to my time and cooking is something I do daily.”

    Her inspiration to start a business came from one simple idea, “Being a full-time mom and wife meant not being able to leave the house as often as I would like, meaning there’s less time spent on eating out and dates. I also understand that some moms would like to take a break from their busy lives but still be able to serve gourmet dishes.”

    Erika Liboro-Baclao finds fulfillment in husband Noy and son Sol

    She enthusiastically explains, “Cooking was the constant thing in my new life as a mom and a wife so I thought why not turn it into a business? I had a lot of family heirloom recipes with which I added my personal touch to. I put my heart into it and this is what makes me confident to share it with the public.”

    Her dishes include everything from salads to desserts assuring that there is something for everyone.

    Erika says her being a work-from-home-mom is “surprisingly fun.” She enthuses, “I get to be with my baby and enjoy him, guide him and be there for him in every milestone he takes.”

    Life may be entirely different from Erika’s former life but that doesn’t mean she’s enjoying it less. She is quick to note that life is all about seasons and this is the season that she is blessed with now.

    When asked what her advice was for new moms, she shares, “Be confident! Always believe in your product and especially yourself. No matter how many people are in the industry as you, they can never replicate your love and passion for it.”

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    For more information, follow Erika on Instagram: erikabee9.


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