• Erring contractors’ scheme assailed


    NOT quite a few unscrupulous contractors have been getting away with an old scam, particularly during the period leading to elections.

    These erring contractors, who’ve won the awards of public works projects through questionable biddings and raked billions of pesos in public funds, practically do not put money to implement such projects.

    After winning the bid for a major project, the contractor goes to farm out the job to sub-contractors who end up unpaid after the work is done.

    The major contractor, of course, will have been fully paid by the government through the
    implementing agency, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

    One example, based on a complaint reaching me, may be this case of “3W Construction” company, which was awarded a re-blocking project in Region 3.

    The whopping P99 million project is just one of the countless public works projects being rolled out by the government with barely six months left till the nation elects its new leaders.

    According to one of the sub-contractors, the GCMJ Construction was contracted to work on a significant portion of the project.

    But after the reblocking project was completed, the GCMJ waited to get paid by 3W Construction company.

    Balasubas pala itong kumpanyang 3W Construction kung totoo ang reklamong ito at wala namang dahilan para gumawa-gawa lamang ng usapin itong GCMJ!

    Now, will the concerned authorities at the DPWH act on this rip-off job pulled by 3W Construction company?

    ‘Pok-pok mentality’ vs hospitality

    Instead of alleviating Metro Manila’s traffic condition, the authorities have chosen to make it worse for the convenience of delegates to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and at the expense of Filipinos themselves.

    The road blocks and ineffective traffic rerouting merely aggravated the motorists sufferings beginning Monday despite the suspension of classes and observance of non-working holidays.

    Even businesses were affected and there’s no assurance that the summit would actually translate to economic benefits for the poor.

    Maraming hindi nakapag-hanapbuhay tulad ng mga taxi, jeepney at bus drivers!
    Time and again, Noynoy Aquino’s administration had failed to acknowledge that daily living must go on despite occasions like APEC summit.

    It just goes to show that planning and preparations, particularly the choice of Metro Manila as the venue, is another blunder.

    As of this writing, we were still hoping and praying that no untoward incident would happen, as the world struggles to recover from the horror of the Paris attacks.

    The convenience, safety and security of Filipinos are as paramount as that of any visiting dignitary.

    But the government is acting more like prostituting Filipino hospitality instead of presenting the true human condition in the country.

    Pulos kaplastikan ang matutunghayan sa ating pamahalaan.
    Pokpok mentality, ika nga!


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    1. Maybe GCMJ Construction should put a lien on the property at issue to protect its interest. The lien should stay in place until this company gets paid.

      Thank you for publicizing this. It is so unfair and unethical. Construction workers have to eat too. The 3W Company has no conscience. “masyadong ganid”. Now that the matter has been exposed, let us see what DPWH will do. Surely someone in that department is in charge of the project.