• Erwin Tulfo’s new home in PTV



    Caveat chanced upon veteran and highly controversial news anchor and broadcaster on radio and TV Erwin Tulfo at his new home PTV (minus the “4” as part of new branding) along Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.

    His daily teleradyo program on the government station billed “Kilos Pronto” resulted from his tiff with co-broadcaster Ed Lingao at TV5, his turf for seven years.

    He looked fresh having come from vacation abroad for a couple of weeks. While away, the infotech savvy has managed to stay on board his daily Facebook Live program as if he never left, thanks to the perks of managing social media to one’s advantage.

    A look back to seven years ago, Erwin, along with his two other formidable and hard-hitting brothers in broadcast journalism Raffy and Ben were presented to the entertainment press in an elegant restobar at Morato. The occasion was the grand launch of “T3: Kapatid Sagot Kita!” presided over by News5 Chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes who was more than enthused to have the three brothers under her employ.

    Agree or not, the Tulfo brothers helped TV 5 create an expanding niche of its own in the field of committed public service news programs.

    In any case, that time Caveat had a helluva time grilling them, Erwin in particular, who was unabashed in disclosing the sorry, happy, and ambiguous state of broadcast journalism in the country, a profession he holds dearly next to God.

    His disclosures which had some “off the record” caveats in them yet spoke volumes of his brave somersaulting acts from one radio and TV network to another in the name of his courageous pursuit for truth and equality regardless of who gets hurt in the firing line.

    A hard-hitting broadcaster in his own right, Erwin had accumulated far too many awards in the direction. One of which cut in the caption of one of his prized entitlements was his successful engagement in the notorious hostage crisis some years ago.

    When pressed to comment on his most recent controversial walk-away act from TV5, the noblesse oblige the French term for “nobility obligates” in him chose to parry gamely with a refreshing smile and a wink of an eye to merely put the issue behind him. He referred Caveat instead to the voluminous hits and talkbacks from his huge following in various social media forums who were categorical and unanimous in giving their moral support to his new found home at PTV.

    He was short of saying let the people judge. Yes, the same people had the last encouraging and forthright words for him no less to move on with his life as a professional and highly esteemed broadcaster in his early 50s at whatever cost.


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