Escudero wants to move class opening


THE Philippines must undertake bold initiatives in its education system if it wants to compete and thrive with the rest of the world and a synchronized local academic calendar aligned with the rest of the world would be a good start, Sen. Francis Escudero said on Tuesday.

Escudero, who heads the Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture, noted that the country is on the right course when it recognized the fundamental role education plays in national development but more things are needed to be done.

“Studies show that the quality of a country’s human capital is directly proportional to the quality of its education therefore, far-reaching reforms in our education system must be undertaken in order to ensure the development of our human capital,” he said.

Escudero added that synchronizing the opening of classes in all schools, both public and private, in the Philippines is one of the bold moves the education system needs in order to cope with the world’s top educational institutions.

The senator, in filing Senate Bill 1432 (SB 1432), wants to move the opening of classes in the country from June to August starting school year 2018-2019.

Under the bill, the school year shall start on the second Monday of August but not later than the second Monday of September.

“We need to engage with the top educational institutions of the world in order to benefit from their experience and expertise and hopefully raise the standards of our education,” said Escudero, adding that top universities of the country always lag behind their counterparts in the Southeast Asian region.

He said synchronizing the country’s school calendar avoids confusion among the various stakeholders including schools, students, parents, partner communitie, and other institutions and entities engaged in education-related services.


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