• Eskrima GM ‘Mawe’ Caballero passes away


    Manuel ‘Mawe’ Lebumfacil Caballero
    PHOTO FROM .decampo-123-original.org

    Eskrima Grandmaster Manuel “Mawe” Lebumfacil Caballero passed away on Sunday at the age of 64 because of lingering illness. He joined the Philippine Army in 1978 and has seen combat in Jolo.

    Caballero is the son of the late Jose Diaz Caballero (August 7, 1907 – August 24, 1987), the founder of a Filipino martial art called De Campo Uno-Dos-Tres Orihinal. The older Caballero was a champion of juego todo or full contact eskrima matches where the combatants fight with live sticks and without armor. “Mawe” was teaching the martial art of his father to locals and foreigners before his health began failing after suffering a stroke.

    The Caballero family is yet to announce the date of the burial at the Ibo Public Cemetery in Toledo, Cebu.



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