• Estrada: people want me as mayor again


    MANILA Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada is confident that citizens want him for three more years as mayor of the city. “I hear our citizens saying they want [me for]three more years as mayor of Manila. And I know, [I] will get three more years,” Estrada said on Tuesday. The mayor added that he is confident that Manila voters are satisfied with his performance and accomplishments as mayor for five years. Earlier, Estrada announced that he would seek a third and last term in the 2019 mid-term elections. “Nobody can change my inspiration, no one can divert me on my mission, on my dream in Manila. I had already laid down my program of government to regain the lost pride and glory of Manila. I will fulfill my promises and with your help, with the support of the people of Manila, I know, we will win on my third run,” he said. Estrada laughed off rumors that his son, former senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, would run for mayor of Manila after he was seen frequently seen visiting City Hall. “I will [be the one to]run again in the 2019 elections,” he said. The mayor added that the issue of his health was another campaign tool of his political adversaries. “I will not [renege]on my promise . . . With the help of God, with the trust given to me by our people, we can make Manila a great city again,” Estrada said. In 2014, after his first year as mayor, he was able to pay the millions of debt supposedly left by his predecessor, Alfredo Lim, and has reorganized the many offices allegedly tainted with corruption. Manileños are now enjoying free medical services in the city’s six hospitals that underwent renovations and modernization of facilities; salaries and allowances of city government officials, the police and the teachers were increased; Manila youth are enjoying free high school and college education; and many infrastructure projects have been completed during Estrada’s incumbency.


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