Estrada warns doctors


Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada warned doctors in the city’s six hospitals to immediately attend to patients or face dismissal.

He issued the warning as he decided to give another chance to a doctor who refused to treat a dengue victim in December.

The mayor said hospitals under the management of the city should not charge fees for laboratory procedures since medicines and professional fees of doctors are free.

“I am warning you all hospital directors, officials and employees who will charge even a centavo will be dismissed from service and will face criminal charges. I will jail you too,” Estrada said.

Dr. Edwin Perez, director of the Ospital ng Maynila did not disclose the identity of the erring doctor.

The mother of the six-year-old child informed the mayor in a forum that her feverish daughter was refused treatment by a doctor at OsMa. Saying that the hospital had no means to determine if the patient was indeed suffering from dengue, the doctor directed the woman to bring her daughter to the Philippine General Hospital.

Estrada had admonished the doctor and reminded hospital workers to be fully responsive to the needs of the patients, especially the poor ones.

Perez said doctors and hospital staff have been warned that they could be expelled from residency training programs or imposed stiffer penalties by the Civil Service Commission and the Professional Regulation Commission if they violate rules.


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