ESTRELLA-VERTICAL20140706Estrella vertical is a blade technique that could either be a defensive or offensive maneuver depending on the situation that the defender is into. Most techniques employed are based on reaction, which is more practical for a self-defense or street fighting situation.

    Photo1 shows both men in a cerrada (close) position. Photo 2 shows the attacker delivers a planchada (horizontal) strike while the defender executes an estrella (star) vertical to parry his opponent’s blade. Take note that the defender parries using the flat side of his blade in order to prevent edge-to-edge contact, which may prevent a smooth and fast transition to launch an attack. Photo 3 shows the defender’s blade sliding across the length of the attacker’s blade before he immediately convert its outward motion into an inward strike against the attacker’s trunk. Photo 4 shows the defender delivering a finishing move called arko (circular motion) or hilamusan that cuts through the opponent’s neck.

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