Etheridge to train young goalkeepers anew


Azkal Neil Etheridge will be back this May to spearhead the NE1 Goalkeeping School, which aims to train young and aspiring goalkeepers.

Slated to run from May 8 to 20, at the Manila Polo Club, this year’s goalkeeping school will have sessions that begin at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, to minimize conflict with schedules of academic classes.

Now on its third year, Etheridge, the Walsall FC first choice keeper, will once again conduct the training himself, with much experience gained after playing a full season in English football’s third division.

Azkal Neil Etheridge with a young graduate of NE1 Goalkeeping School. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

“This coming NE1 Goalkeeping School will be after I have played another 50 games in England at a high level, proving myself to be one of the best goalkeepers in the league”, says Etheridge.

“With more experience this coming summer I want to show the students why I have become so successful and teach them new exercises and drills that I have learnt to take me to the next stage of my progression.”

New students to NE1 will expect nothing less than world-class training.

“Goalkeeping is always developing, but repetition of certain drills is key to becoming a top goalkeeper.”

Students of NE1 GK are not only expected to master the art of net minding, but also the many roles the modern goalkeeper is now expected to assume.

“I guess for some people goalkeeping is only about making saves, but there is far more to the modern-day goalkeeper than this. Footwork both with and without the ball, speed for darting off your line to dive at someone’s feet, cross taking, kicking, communication, confidence, fitness, diving, handling, the list could go on,” said Etheridge.

“Every year I try to integrate the new students with the ones who have previously been at the school so that they can learn from not just myself but each other.”

For details, email or call 09179773111.


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