Etiquette inside fitness centers and fight clubs



(Second of three parts)

Here’s another issue. Although difficult to believe for some, you might be unaware of the fact that you smell horrendous. It is common knowledge that sweat attracts germs and no one wants your germs, unless you have a strange fetish or weird desire to reek. Keep your poor hygiene issues to yourself. For the love of God, remember to bring a clean towel and learn to wipe off the benches after you use them, sweating cannot be avoided but there is no reason for the next person using the machine to have to deal with your sweat before they can use the equipment after you are done with it. If you forget your towel and are too cash strapped to buy a new one from the sports shop, then an option for you would be to try using the provided rugs within the fitness center. You can always ask maintenance or the staff for a spare rug and wipe your sweat (with the germs) off the equipment you just used.

Hair dryers found in the locker rooms are there for one purpose: drying hair. I feel it necessary to point this out specifically because it appears there are members who have no clue what the word hair meant. If taking a shower after exercising is not your thing, then at least use your towels to dry off your bodies after a workout. Using the blow dryers for the purpose of drying your body, your armpit, your feet, or your slippers are not acceptable. It is rude because other members inside the locker rooms are subjected to the odor as you blow dry your body with a hair dryer. This is also the case when people attempt to blow dry their sweaty shirts. Just toss the used clothes in your gym bag or if you don’t have one, just put it away in a plastic bag or consider just tossing the sweaty, used shirt in the trash.

People have various reasons for going to the gym. If you are a man, looking to meet or wanting to chat with another man, or a woman looking for a date, please avoid talking so loudly. Also refrain from sitting on the benches as if you were casually spending time at a public park. There are many cafes nearby where you can freely engage in whatever flirtatious activities you are inclined to practice. The other members are not at all interested in hearing what your fantasies might be. A fitness center is actually a great place to meet new people and making new friends, however, you must respect the center for what it is—a venue for exercising.

Let’s move on to another venue.

Fight clubs are now seemingly considered a popular choice for the unfit to attain their dream physique. They aspire to be called “fighters” even when they have never joined any competition or entered a ring for a serious match. For these individuals, being able to box like Manny Pacquaio or having a chance to wear an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) shirt is already a big deal.

Here is a guide on how to behave inside the fight club.

Young men are generally aggressive. This is especially true if they find inspiration from X-box video games. They are also usually fans of the fighting sports. These men come to fight clubs with no idea that trainers must be respected. This behavior is partly due to the influence of the World Wresting Entertainment where no rules seem to apply. If you are a parent or guardian of one of these “children,” it would be recommended that you advise them to be friendly with other members first and wait till they get to experience their first match and get a taste of real contact. It is embarrassing for a newbie to talk the talk, and whine like a puppy after getting hurt.


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  1. may i add that people who workout in gyms also never cast stares or the “head to foot” look on the other people around. since the gym is where people also get their testosterone pumped up,this does not mean that they have the right to vent their agressiveness on other people who simply want a good workout and not project their manliness or agressiveness toward others.. try casting stares or that “head to foot” look on others in a shooting range! I even think people in a shooting range have better sense of etiquette.

  2. Other exasperating behavior inside gyms:
    – Hogging the machines.
    – For women, talking and gossiping at the top of their lungs.
    – Banging of the weights on the floor.
    – Not wiping perspiration after using benches.
    – For gays, using the shower room as lounge area. I mean, c’mon, using a laptop inside the shower room, watching porno?
    – Exhibitionism. We know you have a body to die for. You don’t have to remind us every second by strutting around like a narcissistic prick. Also, what’s with the tight, tight shorts, showing the curvature of your scrotum?
    – Flirting. Okay in moderation, I guess, dangerous in excessive amount. Cannot focus on one’s routine.