• Etiquette inside fitness centers and fight clubs



    (First of three parts)

    The brain and the body are supposed to be coordinated. However it seems that for a growing number of people, when it is time for the body to workout, the brain shuts down. This holds true for at least 88 percent of members of fitness centers. Regardless of it being a high end or posh gym or a hole-in-the-wall barbell shop, it amazes me that the most ignored and therefore useless sign that is “Please return the weights after use.”

    It sounds simple and straightforward enough, not complicated at all, and I refuse to believe that people who go to the gym do not know how to read. I am thinking it is one of two things, a lack of education or a lack of brainpower. It seems beyond the understanding of some people that signs were put there for a reason, and they refuse to even bother to heed what the sign says.

    This is a growing problem in fight clubs and fitness centers lately, it is very inconvenient to locate pairs of dumbbells or kettle bells simply because those who use them are too inconsiderate to follow the reminders posted in the premises. No one is exempt from following rules; these signs exist for a reason. It is also extremely bothersome to put away a stack of weight plates from benches and racks simply because some inconsiderate person doesn’t bother to pick up after his or her set. By returning the weights to their proper place after you’re done, you also prevent accidents from happening to other people who need to use the facilities.

    I also have an issue with people who grunt loudly and make unnecessary noises when they lift relatively light weights. These things that you lift could very easily be another person’s basic warm up weight. Don’t bother wasting energy trying to sound like the incredible hulk if you have the physique of a green string bean that is lifting what others might consider a paperweight. In case you are lifting an extremely heavy set of weights, grunting is normal due to the build up of lactic acid. I said grunting, not growling like a menacing animal. There is no need to exaggerate your growling or grunting sounds because those around you aren’t impressed.

    This rule of thumb also applies to those who are preparing for their next lift. These “gifted” individuals make a big show out of dropping huge dumbbells on the floor or making sure that the iron makes a loud sound as they drop whatever weight they are using. Please bear in mind that you do not own the equipment and it is very possible that you damage property that does not belong to you.

    Those craving for attention are better off joining a noontime show and taking your chances at fame that way. If you patronize a gym with the intention to workout, then that is exactly what you should do —no unnecessary whistles required and definitely, avoid causing damage and destroying the equipment you are allowed to use.

    Many members who frequent these fitness centers value their time, do not be inconsiderate and hog the machines like you are the only one entitled to use them. Everyone who frequents the gym pay the same membership fees for the use of the equipment and venue. You must learn to share; this is something that should have been taught to you when you were younger, keep that in mind. If you need to rest for extended periods of time, then pack up your things and go home, you can rest there. Need to use your mobile phones? Then have the decency to stand up and head outside the gym for the duration of your call or at least don’t carry on a long conversation (or texting) while you are sitting at one of the machines.

    If you are catching your breath, you can do so by all means, but step away from the machine or equipment first and allow other members a chance to use whatever equipment it is you are done with already, it won’t kill you to be polite. In fact, for newbies, it might be good to watch how others do their workout since you might learn the correct way to use the equipment, or you could pick up a thing or two about variations possible to make your workout more fun and enjoyable.


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