EU aid to continue – envoy


THE European Union said it would continue its development assistance to the Philippines until the Philippine government clarifies an earlier announcement by President Rodrigo Duterte of the cancellation of aid from the 28-nation bloc over supposed conditions related to human rights.

EU Ambassador to Philippines Franz Jessen said on Tuesday he has yet to receive a written notification from the Philippine government on the announcement of Duterte last May 18.

“We are not withdrawing any amount. We are in contact with the government on how best to work on our development assistance,” Jessen told reporters at the University of Santo Tomas where he spoke before a cultural event.

The President however repeated his order to cancel EU aid in an interview with Moscow’s Russia Today news channel, which was published Monday as he began a four-day official visit to Russia.

Duterte said he would rather deal with deal with Russia and China as the Western world was engaged in “double talk.”

“Why? Because the Western world, the EU, and everything – it’s all this double talk. So, the EU granted us $200 million, and this grant carried with it a condition that this money would be used to improve the human rights, and so on and so forth. I said, ‘No. I don’t need it,’” he said.

“In the guise of human rights, countries like EU and America are interfering [with]the affairs of other nations,” he added.

On Monday, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano told reporters he would meet with Jessen upon his arrival next week from Russia.

Jessen said he was eager to meet Cayetano to once and for all clarify the issue.

Jessen, in earlier interview with The Manila Times, said a $278-million grant had been earmarked for Muslim Mindanao from 2016 to 2022, mostly for programs that would provide jobs and livelihood, among others.

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon has warned that Duterte was risking the duty-free privileges of Filipino exporters under the EU’s “Generalized Scheme of Preferences+” program.


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    President Duterte does not poses knowledge in International Politics and his foreign policies are failures in so many ways, because he is letting his EGO interferes with his judgement. Even if he surrounds himself with the brightest advisers and consultants that can think realistically and logically, he still have the final say. Presently, the President should get his act together if he really wanted to help the people, and should sound like a leader of a nation of over 110 million people that can do transactions and businesses with different countries of the world, and can still continue to deal with drug problems, violent extremist organizations like Abu Sayyaf and NPA, government corruptions and at the same time, continue to pump money into the economy that should create millions of jobs for the poor, and this can be benefitted by reformed drug addicts as well.

    Extra Judicial Killings and Human Rights Violations do not exist and these accusers only based their accusations on the NUMBERS of casualties, and their accusations can never be proven beyond reasonable doubts. Therefore, the President should not get distracted from any accusers, and should continue to do or put more effort in dealing or putting and end with the existing problems that we have, meaning, should not take any prisoners. Lastly, the President should change his mind, go ahead and take the Grant from EU (this would be a great help in the development of Mindanao) and should remind his friend Donald, to go ahead and send his USAid as well.

    • No, I agree with the president, its like controlling a horse with a carrot and a stick : because you hide the stick behind the carrot very well doesnt make it hurt any less when you get hit by the stick.Alternately, just because they start using a much bigger carrot doesnt mean they’re not trying the same trick again.

      Also, we should all remind ourselves the repercussions of having had mud slung to our faces thanks to our Liberal opponents especially when conducting diplomatic relations with countries that have hundreds of years of history to fall back on.

      Also, how do you know he doesnt know anything about International Politics, or this topic or this subject? The man is a Bedan lawyer and a veteran politician for decades for Davao long before BS Aquino was cleared by his SPED teacher. He probably knows more about it than an armchair analyst like you.