EU Air Safety team assesses local airlines


The European Union Air Safety Assessment team has completed its technical study of seven airline companies in connection with the review of the European Union air safety list, Guy Ledoux, Ambassador of the Eiu top the Philippines said.

He said the Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and the seven airline companies were waiting for the result of the technical assessment of the team, which started their assessment from April 16 to 24.

“It is clear that both the CAAP as well as the airlines, which were visited in the past 10 days, did a good job in cooperating in a transparent way with the EU aviation safety experts,” Ledoux said.

The European aviation safety experts looked into CAAP’s safety oversight over the Philippine aviation industry and the safety situation in Philippine airlines companies. Results of the their assessment will be shared with CAAP and the airline companies.

Capt. Richard Miller, aviation safety expert at the European Commission, led the EU safety experts. Aviation safety experts from the European Aviation Safety and several EU Member States assisted Miller.

The airline companies involved in the study were Air Asia Inc., Air Asia Zest, Air Philippines Corporation, Island Aviation Inc., Magnum Air, South East Asian Airlines and South East Asian Airlines International Inc.

The team’s report will be an important element in future deliberations of the European Commission with the EU Air Safety Committee. The Committee, which meets twice a year, consists of top aviation safety experts of all of the EU Member States, and is chaired by the European Commission’s Director for Aviation.

The Committee provides the European Commission its opinion on the carriers of countries that are on the EU Air Safety List. On the basis of that opinion, the European Commission has the power to decide which airlines can be removed or added to the EU Air Safety List. The European Commission will update the Air Safety list in July and December this year.

Ledoux thanked both CAAP as well as the airlines for the very cooperative and transparent way in which they had made it possible for the European aviation safety experts to conduct their work.

“We are pleased with the key safety priorities of the CAAP which General Hotchkiss underlined at this closing meeting: Fairness, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability are indeed the best possible pillars for good aviation safety,” Ledoux said.


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