• EU now a bad model for Asean


    THE Asean countries will formally declare the start of their economic integration on December 31, 2015.

    Their role model has been the European Union. Now that it is on the brink of unraveling (“EU on the brink of failure” by Ben Kritz, columnist, May 16, P1) will Asean still go ahead and form their 10-country union?

    It doesn’t look like they should. Just here in our country, a fellow Asean founding member, Malaysia, is making trouble for us in Mindanao. Of course, like the liars that they are, President B. S, Aquino 3rd, his Cabinet members, his OPAPP Secretary Deles and her chief negotiator Miriam Ferrer and her subalterns, as well as the cowardly officials of the military and the PNP are not saying anything about it.

    But all foreign and local analysts who have not bought by Aquino are warning about going ahead with what Aquino wants–passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law bill that the MILF prepared with Malaysian lawyers. When the BM substate gets created, there will be war instead of peace in Mindanao.

    Woe to the Filipinos who have been brainwashed into believing that the BM substate controlled by the MILF Maranaws and Maguindanaws, who are vassals of Malaysia, will bring about peace. Lumads, Christians, Tausugs and other Muslim Filipinos who are not in league with the MILF rebels will rise.

    This is because this crazy Aquino Government followed the lead of the Arroyo Government in dealing only with the Maguindanaws and the Maranaws and in agreeing to destroy the already constitutionally formed ARMM.

    Cres Malifier
    Marikina, City


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    1. It started with President Noynoy wanting a Nobel Prize. And now, maybe it is with President Noynoy being afraid….. remember the Jaffar threat of renewed war if house-bill-baBALA does not get passed. Baka ganuon… takot!