EU official urges stepped-up global action to close “emissions gap”


The European Union on Tuesday called for concerted global action to cut excessive greenhouse gas emissions, after a UN report warned that the world could fail on the goal of containing global warming within two degrees Celsius.

According to the annual report released by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) on Tuesday, global greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 will be eight to 12 billion tonnes more than the level needed to hit the 2-degree target.

It is “increasingly difficult” to limit global temperature rises and close the emissions gap, according to the report.

“This is yet another call for climate action which shows the world is not getting its act together fast enough,” (EU)’s climate action commissioner Connie Hedegaard said in Brussels.

“Current carbon cuts are too slow to prevent dangerous climate change .. We have options to close the gap although the time is running out,” she added.

The commissioner also called on all economies to commit their “fair share” in the global fight against climate change. “Industrialized countries have to do the most and first, while others must also follow suit,” she said.

In less than one week, representatives would gather in Warsaw for the annual UN climate change conference to negotiate on national commitments and targets in emissions reduction. The EU commissioner intends to push for stepped-up global actions at the conference to further cut emissions before the year 2020. PNA


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