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  1. It is a basic principle, I believe, that as a matter of courtesy, or protocol, that a sovereign country should not needlessly meddle or interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation directly through unofficial commentaries using the media. There is an old cliche which insinuates that it’s improper, unethical and utterly stupid to try to criticize a neighbors backyard , when we have failed to clean our own garbage in the yard. What garbage am I referring to?………………….. some major problems the EU faces………..to wit………………….

    -The June 2016 vote in the United Kingdom (UK) in favor of leaving the EU;

    -The Greek debt crisis and lingering concerns about the eurozone;

    -The ongoing migrant and refugee flows;
    -A resurgent Russia; and
     -A heightened terrorism threat.

  2. Wait a while until the Brexit has a domino effect and it’s starting now. Member countries realising how enslaving to be part of EU.

  3. Former Pres. Gloria Arroyo.was sent to prison by De Lima on spurious charges and the European Union did not say a word. When GMA was allowed to post bail over the alleged Maguindanao election sabotage for lack of evidence, the BS Aquino administration hurriedly filed a case on economic sabotage (over the alleged misuse of PCSO funds) to prevent her from getting out of prison. Again, no word was heard from the European Union. When Hollywood actor George Clooney’s lawyer-wife petitioned the UN regarding GMA’s being a victim of human rights violation, nothing was heard from the EU.

    And now De Lima, a violator of GMA’s human rights, is incarcerated on charges of drug connection and the European Union cries bloody murder. And those clueless organizations are wondering why Pres. Duterte resents their madness and sheer interference in our country’s domestic affair !!! Wow.

  4. Is the Philippines under EU governance? Why would they call for the Number 1 drug protector to be released? Is EU receiving millions from her as well? Or from the drug cartel? EU has gone mad!!

    • So you already convicted De Lima without a trial i see.
      According to you she is the Number 1 drug protector and all without a trial.


  5. When Delima arbitrarily put GMA in prison did they ( EU or US) left a finger? Why interfere now?

    Is EU or US so superior to the citizens of this poor country, that they right above those of the locals.

    Is the voice of a fake vp or an immoral person superior to voice of the people and its chosen real leader?

    So who gave them such right?

    The president has just been proven right in his regard and judgement of these disrespectful, pretentious
    world police.

    Spent forces that have lost credibility and can do nothing more than sow chaos, mass destruction and hatred wherever they interfere.

    Why don’t they (EU, US) attack nokor or the creeping chinese if they really want to police the world? because they can’t. Only the stupids like us pinoy are still beholden to these assholes – so they use us to project an image of power and influence, but in truth only flapping paper power..

    • you are the one receiving millions from the EU, plus no tax on your exports into the EU or other western countries as a special deal of support which may end, why would you accept aid from assholes

    • Filipinos have short attention spans.

      They forget about all the handouts they receive from other countries (P90 billion Yolanda fund).