EU wants legalized abortion, drug use – Cayetano


BECAUSE countries in the European Union (EU) are pressuring the Philippines to legalize abortion and drug use, the government would rather forego aid than give in to unacceptable demands, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said on Friday.

Cayetano told reporters the EU agenda of legalizing abortion and drug possession is totally unacceptable not only to the government but to the Philippines, a Catholic country.

He described relations between the Philippines and the 28-member bloc as “rocky” and on a “roller coaster.”

Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano

“They want abortion to be legalized here. That’s the condition of some countries like the Netherlands,” said the former senator who was plucked out of Congress to help President Rodrigo Duterte execute his “independent foreign policy.”

Cayetano said he learned of the Netherlands’ demands earlier this month during the periodic review of the United Nations human rights council in Geneva, Switzerland on the Philippines’ rights record.

Cayetano led a delegation from the Executive and Legislative branches that defended the drug war of the Duterte administration.

“They want to legalize the possession of drugs for personal use. How can that be accepted here, what will you do with money when you have so many addicts. Their demands are not in the grants, but we have to read between the lines,” he said.

The newly minted Cabinet official said he would meet EU ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen after joining the President’s official visit to Russia next week.

“The ball is actually in the hands of EU to tell us that there are no strings attached and that the money is for humanitarian help. Second, that they will not interfere with our internal affairs. Third, we want to hear from them that they support our law and order campaign. They have been saying that, but once they see that somebody is killed, they will say it is not rule of law. What do they want to see, policemen being killed?” he said.

“So, we have good relations with EU but it’s going to a rocky period, it is like a roller-coaster ride. But we are in this ride together,” he said.

“I think are many miscommunications here. We are drawing the red line and we, as a country, are independent.”

Cayetano noted that China and Japan extend grants without conditions.

The EU had offered 325 million euros in aid until 2020, mostly for development programs aimed at helping poor families in Muslim Mindanao. Jessen, in earlier interviews, said the grants were designed to boost employment and agriculture.

On May 14, the government sent a letter to Jessen informing him that the Philippines would no longer accept aid, rejecting the conditions attached to the grants.


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  1. Tayong mga Pilipino dapat tumayo n tyo sa sarili nating mga paa andito n ang Pres. Duterte na
    nagbabago ng tadhana ntin.We need to stand together on our feet to fight for our rightsogether with the President as one we can prevail.

  2. It looks they are under the payroll of yellow propaganda. The way they imposed that kind of statement. Something fishy.

  3. Aphetsky Lasa on

    Andy Marino

    Hehehe! Walang problema. Hindi naman madamot ang Pilipino. Marami pa namang mag aambag ambag para mabigyan siya ng saging, donuts, tuyo, mga tsitsirya (lumang damit kung wala na siyang maisuot), atbp.

  4. I am a foreigner (from the EU) living in The Philippines…. I obey your laws and do what YOU want. I am a guest and I have no right to tell you what to do in YOUR country. Even more so, no foreign government or organisation can tell the Philippine Government or the Filipino people what to do. It is YOUR country … tell them to get their noses out.

    • I too am British and totally agree with you Steve. The EU has a history in meddling in other countries affairs. Had a very interesting conversation with four Filipino guys only this morning in the the supermarket about this. Two who have children working in the UK and a Denmark. Their thoughts were your thoughts and the final comment of one made me smile he said ” I understand now why the UK is leaving because to want stay with dictators like that you must me masochists”. Every country has it’s own rules to suit that particular country. ..

    • George Winter on

      @Steve, Two things:
      1. There is a difference between commanding and having a different opinion.(I kill millions – I kill nobody)
      2. Cayetano, according to this article, says that the European demand is between the lines. Did you see it?
      3. I as European would really not want to send any money to the PH that will be used to pay couples on motorbikes that shoot suspects in the head. You?

  5. Definitely unacceptable demand from EU! They clearly want to interfere into affairs of a sovereign country. They disrespect and insult the Filipino people by imposing their agenda such as legalizing abortion and illegal drugs. They really showing their true colors as if they are high above masters untouched and can do whatever they want to an independent country.

    • George Winter on

      Hello, who said Europe has a demand about abortion? Only your mr. Cayetano saw that between some lines somewhere. Your government is doing a very bad job in making their point. And still you follow blindly.

  6. That’s the real sign that the order of the world has changed. The bad becomes the good and what used to be good becomes bad. Liberals, Yellows, Democrats are “AC/DCs”. They change their mind very quickly and annoyingly persistent in changing the wrong to be right. Abortion—women’s rights or pro-choice. Legalizing drugs—human rights.

    • George Winter on

      You forgot: legalizing alcohol. B.t.w. Does your wife allow you to write here?
      Kidding. The thing is that there are rules in your country. Such as the constitution. It is based on human rights for you. You don’t want them? You want to give some politician the power to decide to kill you without a trial? Intindihan?

  7. That’s how liberals operate. By all means to get their ways. They give things for free per se but with string/s attached. But you know what? Europe is not that great anymore. Many of their countries are in the brink of economic collapse. With all the refugees that they created and taken in, there is no way that their free entitlements will be sustained. Been there and swear not to go back. The places are nice specially with all the history behind them. But the people sucks and you can see the prejudice they keep towards the Asian race. Be proud Filipinos. Stop taking handouts. It will cost you somehow.

    • Aphetsky Lasa on

      You could not have said it any better. The same can be said of America. Am still here but I wish and hope to get out ASAP. I am always proud to be a Filipino.

    • George Winter on

      Can you please tell me what this is based on? Your country is being ruled by a man that was elected with only 20% of the votes. Means: 80% had a different choice. Now this man is making trouble with his personal pride that is based on paranoia. Not a good way to gain the respect you are wishing.
      Try to read this article. It says that this genius of a Cayetano says he read the demands between the lines. Did you see the demands?